Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T-10 days

Tomorrow I spend all day driving to Portland and back for work. Then in 10 days my parents and brother/SIL arrive. We're doing family pictures that same evening. Because the next day is completely full with Daniel's family arriving and Vivian's dedication at church and her family birthday party in the afternoon. Oh, and then that evening I have to pack and shop, because on Monday we leave for a week-long vacation with my family.

Then we come home and it's Memorial Day, which means general insanity in the area because we live right next to Seattle Center and Folklife Festival will be going on.  The day after Memorial Day? Vivian turns one. And then we have Vivian's one-year checkup.  Oh, and the Saturday after that? Her birthday party with her friends. 

Would you like to know how I'm using my brief free time this afternoon? Am I preparing for ANY of these events? No, I am not! I am playing on Facebook and blogging.  I am normally one of the world's most prepared people and am organized to a level that scares people. I have done nothing to prepare for either party, done no menu/shopping list prep for our big trip, have no idea what's on the packing list for the trip, we haven't picked out a life Bible verse for Vivian's dedication, no one has an outfit for the dedication...

The other thing I have to figure out how to explain to my parents is this. Why, if we're being frugal and dealing with salary cuts and a mucho reduced income stream over last year, why do we have so many toys and books and gadgets and hairbows and why does the FedEx man call me by my first name and the mailman has a special knock when he drops off packages so that I know it's him?  Because my family still doesn't know about the existence of these blogs. For the most part, this one is completely separated from the review blog, at least in terms of finding this one if you find the review blog first. And I wouldn't really care if they did read the review blog, but then they're going to wonder why I never mentioned it before, and that's going to just be complicated to explain. 

In other news, I have still not managed to drag my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to go running.  Today Daniel had to leave at 5:45 for Bible study and tomorrow I have to leave at 6 to get to Portland, so it's not going to happen then either. Maybe Friday? The weather here is insanely gorgeous, so I really need to take advantage of that and go run around the block already!  The cat is enjoying the nice pile of workout clothes on the ground though, and I hate to disturb her new bed :)

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A said...

Okay, how about this. We will complete week one of the couch-to-5k by next Saturday. That gives us the weekend to get off our butts and do some running. It is just three 25 minutes workouts we can do it!!

I'm doing this 6lbs in 3 weeks weight loss challenge thingy so I will motivate us!! ♥