Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

One of my friends came up to me at church today and said "I didn't think to tell you Happy Mother's Day earlier, because I keep forgetting that it applies to us!" I laughed and told her that I agreed, 100%! Mother's Day still seems like something that applies to my mom and my grandmothers and my mother-in-law, but that has little relevance to me, personally. And this is my 3rd/4th Mother's Day (depending on if you count 2007, when I was 6.5 months pregnant as my first mother's day).

We had one of the best weekends that we've had in a long time.  Saturday we drove a fairly short distance out of town to Snoqualmie and rode the train at the Northwest Railway Museum. Seattle people- I HIGHLY recommend this as a great outing if you have a kid who loves trains.  On Mother's Day it's free for moms and on Father's Day it's free for Dads. It was so much fun to ride the old train and see the scenery and see Snoqualmie Falls from the top. So great! Ethan was in heaven- as were all the other 3 year old boys on the train- definitely the target group for this outing!

We also took a walk to Seattle Center yesterday and Ethan rode his walking bike a bunch. He's really catching on to that and loving it.  He's about the cutest little thing in his helmet and on his bike.

Today was church- and a surprisingly easy day in the toddler room.  After that we had an outing to Target and a walk at Green Lake- along with almost everyone else in Seattle.  Did I mention it's been 70 degrees and sunny all weekend? This equals everyone outside. All the time :)

It's been such a great Mother's Day weekend- thankfully I have a party to go to tomorrow night to look forward to (whoohoo- Seattle blog people- see you there!) and another event on Tuesday night with the family- so I might let Daniel out of the house with a minimum amount of crying tomorrow morning.  Hope you all had a great Mother's Day too! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Vivian and I, waiting to board the train

Us on the train

The kids on the train

Ethan spotted the conductor out the window- he LOVES conductors! It was so exciting!

The top of Snoqualmie Falls

Vivian tries on Ethan's bike helmet

 Ethan out for a ride at Seattle Center

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

Awww, happy mother's day! Ethan and Viv are so cute!