Friday, May 7, 2010

Not dead yet

We made it to Friday night! Hurray! Finally sitting on the couch and relaxing after a long week. Things improved after the fever/coughing/being vomited on by Ethan episode of Monday night. And the weather finally improved by yesterday so we were actually able to go out for a walk and soak up the sunshine. 

And we got good news yesterday at Ethan's appointment at Children's Hospital- he actually gained a couple of pounds and is back on the growth curve! So now we're back to just monthly weight checks at our regular doctor. And we'll be keeping up with the supplement drinks and continuing to teach him how to eat.

In related news- Vivian is actually eating regular food now, so she's officially passed Ethan up in the solid-food-eating category. Even though she's my second child, Ethan's eating has been so poor for so long that I have virtually no idea how to feed a normal toddler, so I have to keep doing reading and research to remember what she's supposed to be eating at this age!

And on another related note- I dropped by Nordstrom Rack today to shop for running shoes (more on that in a minute), and found a great pair, in my size, in a cute color, at 75% off.  I picked up the display shoe, started walking to the shoe mate window, and Ethan started making his gagging noise while eating his applesauce. Followed by Ethan vomiting all over himself and the stroller. Fortunately, he didn't get too much on the floor, so I was able to mop up the minor mess on the floor and head to the bathroom to clean him up. And, also fortunately, I had spare clothes with us, so I was able to change him and get out of the store without too much problem. Ethan was a little upset by not having shoes or a coat, but he got over that.  There's nothing like dealing with a vomit-covered preschooler in a store on a Friday evening to make you REALLY grateful for the end of the week!

I did buy the cute running shoes, because all of my blog friends keep talking about running and getting in shape and things like that, so I'm now thinking about doing the couch to 5K program.  Buying shoes is probably all of the further that I'll get for a while on that though :)


Jen said...

Hi C!

This is one of the ww girls (ebesse) blog that has done the c-to-5k recently. I think he blog is great and

Once baby #2 gets here, I am finally going to get off my butt and do it!

Jen said...

Ignore my last post - lol - I see you posted a comment on her blog so you already know how awesome she is :)

A said...

I've been thinking about dusting off my shoes and starting the couch-to-5K again too. Wanna do it together, keep each other accountable style?

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Poor Ethan! :) Good luck with the running! :)