Sunday, May 16, 2010

I should be doing laundry

But I'm too tired to get out of my desk chair, so I'll just use "updating my blog" as an excuse.  I did day 2 of the C25K this morning. And I was pathetic. But I did it.  This morning was an unfortunate combination of the facts that 1) I donated blood yesterday, 2) then I drank wine last night (I know, you'd never know that I'm a reasonably intelligent person with some of the things that I do) and 3) Vivian was up most of the night crying. I still went out this morning because I'd rather run on a Sunday morning when few people are out and about, than on a Monday morning when my sad attempts to jog might actually be seen.

Today I tried out a new route- I hit my first "run now" instruction on the podcast when I was heading up a hill, and my second at a crosswalk where the signal was against me, but I generally managed other than that. 

Now I'm home with Vivian while Ethan and Daniel have headed off to church. I wish I knew what was wrong with her, whether it's an actual virus or just teething or what. She had a nasty cold a few weeks ago, and she does still sneeze occasionally, and nasty stuff comes out. But she's not sneezing that often. Thursday-yesterday she was running a 101 fever, but that seems to be gone now. She's just really really cranky, which is totally unlike her. She's not normally a cryer or fussy and lately she's been a lot of both. I was telling Daniel this morning that she either needs to get better or develop some symptoms that we could actually take her to the doctor for. General grouchiness is not an acceptable excuse, in my book.

In other news, we're at T-6 days until my parents and brother and SIL arrive. Which means 6 days until family pictures. Wondering if I can lose 10 more pounds by then.... And T-8 days until vacation! Whoohoo! Other people to help watch the kids! An actual date night with Daniel! We haven't been out since Valentine's Day, when we were up at his parents' house, so that'll be nice. 

Miss Grouchy Pants is awake again, so I should wrap this up and go. I just need to figure out how to get my confused-by-doing-actual-exercise legs to move again...


Picklebugmuffinsmommy said...

Hope vivian feels better!

carrie said...

Way to go on day #2! I think my legs are just as confused as yours, and it's been 3 day since any exercise. Boy, are they going to be angry tomorrow morning!

Andrea said...

Hey- Megan is a very happy baby, and a good sleeper. Whenever she cries like that during the night I've found that she usually has an ear infection when I take her in. And I do take her in when she's grouchy hoping to get a refund...ha ha But Megan never showed any other signs of ear infections. No grabbing the ears, just not sleeping as well at night.

Anyway, with teething, the fever, and the crying. I would put money on an ear infection. I'd take her in just to have them look in her ears. Megan would scream when I would lay her down I think because she was in pain. Sitting up or holding her she was cranky, but seemingly ok.

I hope you start getting some sleep soon.