Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1 of vacation

Today is Day 1 of vacation. I woke up at 6, went "running", cleaned, did laundry, then ran errands for Vivian's party tomorrow, before my family arrived a little after 1. Then they left to go to my uncle's house and we got ready for family pictures before meeting up with them and going to the department store photo place for the pictures.

The pictures turned out terrible.  The girl taking the pictures tried hard, but she was clearly overwhelmed by 6 adults and two kids and had NO idea how to get the kids to smile and we ended up with 1 oddly spaced "all the family" photo, one picture of the four of us in which Daniel is oddly propping his head up on Ethan's head, one pretty good picture of the kids and the grandparents, and one decent picture of the kids.  The problem was that she didn't show us the photos on her screen after they were taken (as the photographers at this studio have done every other time we've taken photos there), so by the time we realized that we hated all of the group photos, the kids had completely melted down and there was no hope of retakes.

Ironically, I looked cute (at least I thought so) in pretty much every picture.

Vivian only napped for 45 minutes today, then both kids fell asleep in the car at 6 PM when we got stuck in a massive traffic jam coming home from photos and dinner, so now it's 10:15 and I'm listening to them talk in Ethan's room. Did I mention that Daniel's caught a cold and I gave him cold medicine and he's out like a light?

I think that if I make it through Day 2 of vacation, I'll be okay. Tomorrow is Vivian's dedication at church and the big family birthday party, but after that all I have to do is pack for a week-long vacation.  Somehow that suddenly seems so simple.

So it's Day 1, and I'm exhausted and the kids are already not sleeping and my (childless) brother is already going out of his mind with boredom from the not-so-exciting excitement of oohing and ahhing over everything that the kids do. Really though, I think we can do it if we make it through the weekend!

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