Sunday, May 30, 2010

And an update on the running

I've always laughed at my dad and my brother and his wife, because they are all runners. Which means that, no matter how small the luggage they take on a trip, space needs to be made for running shoes and gear. And daily schedules are centered around when runs need to be taken. They are serious runners. The kind that freak out when runs are not taken.

So I was amused at myself when, on Monday morning, in addition to the other 1,000 bags of stuff in my trunk, Daniel and I had packed one bag that was filled only with running shoes and clothes. My friends, this packing was not in vain- we wore those outfits! Both Wednesday and Friday, we not only got up and went out, but we did so in weather that I would have NEVER ventured outside my house in under normal circumstances. I don't think I've ever been so wet in my life.  I know that running in the rain doesn't damage me- but I was a little concerned for my ipod. One ear of my headphones stopped working, and my ears were so wet that I had trouble keeping the other earpod in... but I did it.

I avoided gigantic slugs and breathed in the fresh air of the island and got so rained on that I felt like I was drying out in the shower... but I did it. I didn't let the weather or my excruciating knee pain determine my life, I just got out and rain.

Tomorrow is the last day of week 3 of the Couch to 5K- hoping for a good pre-church run! Less rain than I've been slogging through this week would be great!

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Lizzie said...

Hooray, Carrie! And how nice to have some supportive company. You rock.