Sunday, May 23, 2010

And Day 2 of vacation!

Wow, another long day today. But a good one!

We got up early and made it to church on time, about at the same time as all the other relatives showed up. Lots of them- we took up two rows at church!  The dedication was wonderful and Vivian and Ethan both behaved so well, such a relief!

After the dedication, I sent Daniel and his family off to get food and set up for the party, while the rest of us stayed for the sermon. Daniel's parents don't really understand our pastor anyway, since he talks pretty quickly and that's hard for them to follow in English.  So it worked well. They finished setting up right when we arrived and we had a nice afternoon of chatting with family and a couple of close friends.

Vivian was about to melt down after lunch, but then the half of a cupcake that she ate perked her back up for a while. Still, by 3:30 when we left the party, she was done. Done done.  Nothing like keeping an almost-1-year-old from napping all day and having a bunch of relatives around and presents and cupcake... a little overwhelming for a baby. 

I told Daniel today that I'm looking forward to this vacation this week more than I have in ages.  Most of our trips are to visit family, which is nice, but not really a vacation, or trips with the kids, which are not even remotely relaxing. So a trip away from home with other people to help watch the kids=perfect!

My only stress for this week is that Ethan is vomiting every other day now, if not more often (yes, I'm going to call the GI clinic about this soon...), and it's really hard to clean up, since his stomach contents are usually his high-calorie drink, which is almost impossible to get out of carpet. We're having drills with the family- any signs of vomiting- run to a hard surface. Or just let him throw up on you! You can shower- the rental cabin furnishings are harder to clean up! Ah, the joys of a high maintenance child.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to relaxing and not doing all the usual stuff for a while. Hurray! I will post fun vacation pictures soon!

Until then, here are some pictures from today!

 Our pastor praying for Vivian and us
Our parents and one of my grandmothers

At the party- Vivian's first cupcake!
She needed no help in figuring out how to eat it. Ah, that's my girl.

She also needed no help in figuring out how to open presents

A picture of both of our families-complete with both sets of parents and both of our brothers and our sisters-in-law. A rare picture, since we live all over the continent of North America and have never before been in one place at the same time.  Glad it happened today. Even though Vivian was grouchy by the time we took the picture.

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Andrea said...

Awe it looks like you all had a great day!

I'm so sorry about Ethan and his vomiting. I think I told you about my friend's daughter that had celiac disease? Well they've decided that it's something else but don't know what. She just got an NG tube last week to try and get her over 20 lbs, she's 23 months old.

I don't know how you manage with all that barf. I'd toss my cookies everytime right there with him. I'm ok with baby spit up but anything more and I lose husband usually handles that sort of thing....then again, I guess you've had to get used to it. I'm sorry about that.

I'll continue to pray for Ethan and his health.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Vivian!!!