Monday, May 31, 2010

I cannot believe it's been a year already

I think one of the weirdest thing about parenthood is how quickly it becomes hard to remember life before your child was in it.  I'm stunned to think that at this time last year Vivian was still just a wondering, just someone who enjoyed playing soccer with my internal organs and giving me heartburn.  It's hard to believe that it's only been a year since my last day ever of pregnancy.

There's something strange about my youngest child turning one.  We've been getting rid of baby gear and toys lately, but having her turn one really feels like we're leaving babyhood behind forever. She's SO close to walking and would love to be talking and doing everything else that Ethan is doing.  There's so little baby left in her. 

I'll write more about Vivian tomorrow and will update you on all she's up to. With birthday pictures, of course.

My parents came back from Portland yesterday and my brother and sister-in-law came back from their mini-trip today, so we had one last day with all of us together.  We hung out at Folklife Festival for a while, then came back and rearranged our closets (long story), then headed off to IKEA. My brother and his wife had never been (I know! Can you imagine!), so it was quite the experience for them.  Now I'm making Daniel assemble the bookshelf that we bought, since rearranging closets left us with big piles of books on Ethan's bedroom floor, and that can't last.

Sad news in the running progress. I tried to go out for the last day of week 3 of C25K yesterday and could not run. My knees just wouldn't go. I ended up walking the entire way, then having terrible pain all day, and being woken up by it last night.  Taking three ibuprofen at a time has helped a little, but not much.  So I'm a bit discouraged by that. I've always had bad knees, thanks to being overweight and a lifetime of sitting with my legs under me (I'm short, and my feet rarely reach the ground, so I sit oddly most of the time).  I'm taking a few days off of running to see if that helps, and fortunately already have a physical for Wednesday, so will mention it to the doctor then.  I'm really starting to get into this exercise thing though, and I hate to lose this momentum, so hopefully the situation will resolve soon! 

So, tomorrow is birthday celebration with my parents- Daniel has to go back to work (boo!), but we'll have cake and singing in the evening after he returns, and probably a trip to the Children's Museum during the day.  Much birthday excitement!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

And an update on the running

I've always laughed at my dad and my brother and his wife, because they are all runners. Which means that, no matter how small the luggage they take on a trip, space needs to be made for running shoes and gear. And daily schedules are centered around when runs need to be taken. They are serious runners. The kind that freak out when runs are not taken.

So I was amused at myself when, on Monday morning, in addition to the other 1,000 bags of stuff in my trunk, Daniel and I had packed one bag that was filled only with running shoes and clothes. My friends, this packing was not in vain- we wore those outfits! Both Wednesday and Friday, we not only got up and went out, but we did so in weather that I would have NEVER ventured outside my house in under normal circumstances. I don't think I've ever been so wet in my life.  I know that running in the rain doesn't damage me- but I was a little concerned for my ipod. One ear of my headphones stopped working, and my ears were so wet that I had trouble keeping the other earpod in... but I did it.

I avoided gigantic slugs and breathed in the fresh air of the island and got so rained on that I felt like I was drying out in the shower... but I did it. I didn't let the weather or my excruciating knee pain determine my life, I just got out and rain.

Tomorrow is the last day of week 3 of the Couch to 5K- hoping for a good pre-church run! Less rain than I've been slogging through this week would be great!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

And... vacation over :(

Well. That went by entirely too fast.

On Monday we headed up north to Whidbey Island and checked in to our amazing lodge right on the water. My mom actually said that she cried when she first walked in and saw the lodge and the view. I'm a non-nature, non-lodge-type person, and I still agreed that it was amazing!  My family generously gave us the master suite, since we had more people per room than anyone else. Vivian slept most of the nights in the gigantic closet. Seriously- the closet was bigger than the kids' room at our condo.  Ethan slept at the foot of our bed in the tent that I'm reviewing for Trekaroo, since the kids are incapable of falling asleep in the same room at the same time. 

It was such a nice week- we hung out at the gorgeous lodge and enjoyed the views and the amenities. We enjoyed walking around the nearby small towns and shopping and eating what they had to offer.  Everything was so pretty and wonderful. The most wonderful part was having 4 extra adults around from Monday afternoon to Friday morning.  The 3:1 adult:kid ratio works much better than the usual ratio we had going on.  My family did admit that the kids were a challenge, especially when they're together, since they fight ALL the time. This made me feel slightly less insane, so was a bonus. :)

Friday my parents and my brother/SIL packed up and drove to Portland to see my grandmother while we headed home. Mom and Dad will be back here tomorrow (hurray!!!!) and my brother and his wife will be briefly back on Monday before they fly home on Tuesday and my parents at a crazy-early hour on Thursday. But it's been a great visit so far. I would never want to live where either of them live- I love Seattle too much. But there is definitely something to be said for having family close by!

I do love Seattle though, and can't imagine living anywhere else. Today I was walking home from the grocery store and watching people drive in and jostle for parking and walk to Seattle Center for Folklife Festival- and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. I know that my family was re-energized by this week in a serene, natural setting, but I am filled with energy from the city and the people and the constant activity going on. I love it here so so much!

A few pictures for you from this week:
View from the back of the lodge

My mom and Ethan in the back yard of the lodge

The bald eagle that lives in the backyard of the lodge. She has an eaglet in the nest and we saw it poke up its head every so often!

At the Bellingham Railway Museum. Vivian decided to not smile. All day. No matter how much people tried to get her to smile. And they tried hard!

Family on the stairs at the lodge, right before heading out

Soaring Eagle Lodge. I cannot possibly recommend it highly enough!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh, I forgot to mention

I have a wonderful purse giveaway going on at the review blog. If you love purses, drop by and enter!

And Day 2 of vacation!

Wow, another long day today. But a good one!

We got up early and made it to church on time, about at the same time as all the other relatives showed up. Lots of them- we took up two rows at church!  The dedication was wonderful and Vivian and Ethan both behaved so well, such a relief!

After the dedication, I sent Daniel and his family off to get food and set up for the party, while the rest of us stayed for the sermon. Daniel's parents don't really understand our pastor anyway, since he talks pretty quickly and that's hard for them to follow in English.  So it worked well. They finished setting up right when we arrived and we had a nice afternoon of chatting with family and a couple of close friends.

Vivian was about to melt down after lunch, but then the half of a cupcake that she ate perked her back up for a while. Still, by 3:30 when we left the party, she was done. Done done.  Nothing like keeping an almost-1-year-old from napping all day and having a bunch of relatives around and presents and cupcake... a little overwhelming for a baby. 

I told Daniel today that I'm looking forward to this vacation this week more than I have in ages.  Most of our trips are to visit family, which is nice, but not really a vacation, or trips with the kids, which are not even remotely relaxing. So a trip away from home with other people to help watch the kids=perfect!

My only stress for this week is that Ethan is vomiting every other day now, if not more often (yes, I'm going to call the GI clinic about this soon...), and it's really hard to clean up, since his stomach contents are usually his high-calorie drink, which is almost impossible to get out of carpet. We're having drills with the family- any signs of vomiting- run to a hard surface. Or just let him throw up on you! You can shower- the rental cabin furnishings are harder to clean up! Ah, the joys of a high maintenance child.

Other than that, I'm just looking forward to relaxing and not doing all the usual stuff for a while. Hurray! I will post fun vacation pictures soon!

Until then, here are some pictures from today!

 Our pastor praying for Vivian and us
Our parents and one of my grandmothers

At the party- Vivian's first cupcake!
She needed no help in figuring out how to eat it. Ah, that's my girl.

She also needed no help in figuring out how to open presents

A picture of both of our families-complete with both sets of parents and both of our brothers and our sisters-in-law. A rare picture, since we live all over the continent of North America and have never before been in one place at the same time.  Glad it happened today. Even though Vivian was grouchy by the time we took the picture.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1 of vacation

Today is Day 1 of vacation. I woke up at 6, went "running", cleaned, did laundry, then ran errands for Vivian's party tomorrow, before my family arrived a little after 1. Then they left to go to my uncle's house and we got ready for family pictures before meeting up with them and going to the department store photo place for the pictures.

The pictures turned out terrible.  The girl taking the pictures tried hard, but she was clearly overwhelmed by 6 adults and two kids and had NO idea how to get the kids to smile and we ended up with 1 oddly spaced "all the family" photo, one picture of the four of us in which Daniel is oddly propping his head up on Ethan's head, one pretty good picture of the kids and the grandparents, and one decent picture of the kids.  The problem was that she didn't show us the photos on her screen after they were taken (as the photographers at this studio have done every other time we've taken photos there), so by the time we realized that we hated all of the group photos, the kids had completely melted down and there was no hope of retakes.

Ironically, I looked cute (at least I thought so) in pretty much every picture.

Vivian only napped for 45 minutes today, then both kids fell asleep in the car at 6 PM when we got stuck in a massive traffic jam coming home from photos and dinner, so now it's 10:15 and I'm listening to them talk in Ethan's room. Did I mention that Daniel's caught a cold and I gave him cold medicine and he's out like a light?

I think that if I make it through Day 2 of vacation, I'll be okay. Tomorrow is Vivian's dedication at church and the big family birthday party, but after that all I have to do is pack for a week-long vacation.  Somehow that suddenly seems so simple.

So it's Day 1, and I'm exhausted and the kids are already not sleeping and my (childless) brother is already going out of his mind with boredom from the not-so-exciting excitement of oohing and ahhing over everything that the kids do. Really though, I think we can do it if we make it through the weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get comfortable, this is going to be an overly long post

I'll try to write in short paragraphs at least. But no promises.

1) The weather. Mid 50s, grey and rainy.  Please tell me how I'm supposed to find the energy to fold laundry in weather like this. Ugh.

2) The running. I finished week 1 of the C25K today! I am still a pathetically slow lump when I run and can barely breathe at the end of the 60 second runs.  Not looking forward to 90 second runs next week.  By next week I mean Thursday of this week, because that's when I start week 2.  Today I even went out in the rain to run- I was making some comment about not wanting to run in the rain to Liz yesterday, and she pointed out that it didn't really matter, since you sweat anyway.  That is a very valid point.
Speaking of Liz- she's running her first 1/2 marathon on Saturday! Go Liz!!! Thanks for inspiring me to get off my butt. And thanks to all the other people who have blogged about running so that I know that it's okay that it's awful right now and that it will get better.

3)  Parents of preschoolers- do your kids actually play with toys? Ethan doesn't play, he just demolishes and runs. He'll dump out the shapes from the box, then take everything out of the drawer, then throw the magazines on the floor, then knock over a pile of something... and he never stops and does anything with anything except throw or knock over.  We try to get him to clean up one thing before moving on to the next, but we're not always around and he moves so fast. And he never, ever interacts with anything. Not even his trains lately.  It's so draining and frustrating, trying to get him to stop knocking over and destroying everything. Especially when Vivian is usually around and getting toys ripped out of her hands and thrown. Anyone else dealt with this?
We were thinking that maybe he's bored with his toys, so I've been trying to come up with new things for him to do, but it hasn't worked so far.

4) So, deep thoughts about other stuff. I've been thinking a lot lately about stuff about my sense of self and my issues with myself.  I'm definitely what you would call a late bloomer. I sort of came into my own with issues of faith in my mid-college years, then did a lot more growing up and self discovery when I was living in Ukraine and working there for a year.  After that was grad school, so all thinking about anything other than science was put on hold for a few years, but then I got my job and was finally a "real adult". And that's when I got comfortable in my own skin in terms of my strengths and weaknesses and my personality. I met Daniel in that part of my life, which was good timing, because I wasn't looking for someone to complete me or determine my personality anymore (as I had been in earlier serious relationships), but really looking for a life friend and partner.  Which is one of the reasons why our relationship worked and we ended up married with 2 kids.

But, even though I got comfortable with myself as a person in my late-20s, I've still been at war with my physical self my entire life. I had a brief period of lessening-of-self-loathing from just before my engagement to the time I got pregnant with Ethan, when I had lost a bunch of weight and was exercising and was in pretty good shape.  The pregnancies brought back my "natural" form though- I'm 5'1" and of German heritage, so I tend to the round side in my figure.

Even through the pregnancies and nursing I didn't really feel at peace with myself. Yes it was great that I was able to grow a baby and be a part of that miracle, but I still felt that my body was kind of betraying me. For those of you that weren't reading then, I've had hypertension since I was 20 and have been on medication since then.  I had to continue that during my pregnancies and it likely lead to some of the growth issues that Ethan is still struggling with. And because of the hypertension I had to be induced with Ethan, and my body again failed me, leading to the c-section during which I was unconscious and Daniel wasn't present.  

I feel like I'm finally coming to a point where I realize I have to forgive myself and move on. Not accept being lumpish and leave it at that, but get past things and make peace with my body so that I can lose weight and get in shape. Not as a passing fling, but as something that is good for all of me.

I'm sure I'm always going to have body issues. Thanks to the 2 c-sections, I'm probably always going to have this poochy tummy, and when a well-endowed woman gets done nursing... let's just say things are not in the same place that they were before.  But if I keep fighting myself and loathing myself and treating my body badly, I'm not being fair to anyone. Not myself, not my husband, not my kids, and not God who gave me this particular body. 

5) That was a lot of rambling. I blame the rain. And the fact that I just went out and went to THREE grocery stores and one drug store and bought exactly NO diet coke and I am dying for a diet coke and Daniel wont be home for hours.... Ahhh!!!

6) I can't believe anyone is still reading this. If you actually made it to this point, I apologize.  Seriously, the rain makes my brain short circuit.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I should be doing laundry

But I'm too tired to get out of my desk chair, so I'll just use "updating my blog" as an excuse.  I did day 2 of the C25K this morning. And I was pathetic. But I did it.  This morning was an unfortunate combination of the facts that 1) I donated blood yesterday, 2) then I drank wine last night (I know, you'd never know that I'm a reasonably intelligent person with some of the things that I do) and 3) Vivian was up most of the night crying. I still went out this morning because I'd rather run on a Sunday morning when few people are out and about, than on a Monday morning when my sad attempts to jog might actually be seen.

Today I tried out a new route- I hit my first "run now" instruction on the podcast when I was heading up a hill, and my second at a crosswalk where the signal was against me, but I generally managed other than that. 

Now I'm home with Vivian while Ethan and Daniel have headed off to church. I wish I knew what was wrong with her, whether it's an actual virus or just teething or what. She had a nasty cold a few weeks ago, and she does still sneeze occasionally, and nasty stuff comes out. But she's not sneezing that often. Thursday-yesterday she was running a 101 fever, but that seems to be gone now. She's just really really cranky, which is totally unlike her. She's not normally a cryer or fussy and lately she's been a lot of both. I was telling Daniel this morning that she either needs to get better or develop some symptoms that we could actually take her to the doctor for. General grouchiness is not an acceptable excuse, in my book.

In other news, we're at T-6 days until my parents and brother and SIL arrive. Which means 6 days until family pictures. Wondering if I can lose 10 more pounds by then.... And T-8 days until vacation! Whoohoo! Other people to help watch the kids! An actual date night with Daniel! We haven't been out since Valentine's Day, when we were up at his parents' house, so that'll be nice. 

Miss Grouchy Pants is awake again, so I should wrap this up and go. I just need to figure out how to get my confused-by-doing-actual-exercise legs to move again...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Guess who dragged herself out of bed and did day 1 of the Couch to 5K today??

MEEEE!!!!! I knew that it was now or never, so despite another rough night with Vivian (apparently we're on round 2 of the family spring cold now), I got up this morning, laced up my new running shoes and went out.  I need to work on figuring out a good route still.  Since I live in the city there are lots of crosswalks and signals to be negotiated.  Twice I hit the "run now" message on my iPod as I waited for the light to change.

And I need to get up earlier to run.  Maybe when I'm in better shape I wont mind if people actually see me running, but I am not at that point yet :)

I still hate exercise and feel nothing but relief when I'm done, but it is mentally nice to be doing something to take care of myself for once.  Hopefully I can keep it up! I'm sadly out of shape since my exercise over the last year has been in short bursts and then long pauses- and the year before that I was not allowed to exercise for most of the year before while I was pregnant with Vivian. And boy can I tell that I'm out of shape.  I like the slow start of this C25K program though. Hopefully it'll keep me from getting overwhelmed.

Thanks to all of you for your encouragement!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just as I suspected

So, today I had to get up and drive to Portland and arrive by 9:30 AM for an appointment.  For those of you who are not from around here, Portland is about 3-3.5 hours away.  So that meant I had to be out of the house before 6.  Which of course triggered Vivian to come down with something and run a fever and only want to sleep in the middle of our bed. Around 2:30, after being kicked awake for the thousandth time, I shook Daniel awake and told him that he had to do something about the baby, since I couldn't drive 7 hours and work on no sleep.

He, without complaining a bit, got up and slept sitting up with Vivian on the couch for a couple of hours. And then I got up and left him with a feverish baby and a crazy preschooler.  And he was working from home, so actually had things to do.

People, I did not get even one crazed phone call from him today.  He averages 3-4 insane Skype messages and usually at least one phone call from me per day. EVERY day.  I leave him with the kids? None.

I also came home to a fairly tidy house. Apparently the kids didn't do their usual running around and knocking things off the shelves and then running off to the next pile thing.  He didn't have to clean up the same things 4 million times only to have them messed up again minutes before my arrival home.

When I got home, he didn't throw the kids in my general direction and run off to the bathroom for a few minutes of solitude.  He didn't act tired or overwhelmed at all.  Even after a full day of taking care of a clingy, non-napping baby and a busy preschooler. SO annoying :)

This proves the point that I've known is true since we had kids. The wrong person is the stay-at-home parent in our family. Unfortunately, our mortgage cannot be paid with cute smiles from our kids, so he's going to have to keep working. I am fairly well paid, but not at the same level that he is, so it's just too much of an imbalance for that to be a real option.

Today also proved the point that I'm a better mom when I get a short break from the kids. Even when it's to drive for 7 hours and look at groundwater sampling reports for 2.  A day away made me miss them all so much, and it was so nice to come home to hugs and snuggles.  What a blessing- a husband that's truly amazing and some kids that are awfully cute and sweet!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

T-10 days

Tomorrow I spend all day driving to Portland and back for work. Then in 10 days my parents and brother/SIL arrive. We're doing family pictures that same evening. Because the next day is completely full with Daniel's family arriving and Vivian's dedication at church and her family birthday party in the afternoon. Oh, and then that evening I have to pack and shop, because on Monday we leave for a week-long vacation with my family.

Then we come home and it's Memorial Day, which means general insanity in the area because we live right next to Seattle Center and Folklife Festival will be going on.  The day after Memorial Day? Vivian turns one. And then we have Vivian's one-year checkup.  Oh, and the Saturday after that? Her birthday party with her friends. 

Would you like to know how I'm using my brief free time this afternoon? Am I preparing for ANY of these events? No, I am not! I am playing on Facebook and blogging.  I am normally one of the world's most prepared people and am organized to a level that scares people. I have done nothing to prepare for either party, done no menu/shopping list prep for our big trip, have no idea what's on the packing list for the trip, we haven't picked out a life Bible verse for Vivian's dedication, no one has an outfit for the dedication...

The other thing I have to figure out how to explain to my parents is this. Why, if we're being frugal and dealing with salary cuts and a mucho reduced income stream over last year, why do we have so many toys and books and gadgets and hairbows and why does the FedEx man call me by my first name and the mailman has a special knock when he drops off packages so that I know it's him?  Because my family still doesn't know about the existence of these blogs. For the most part, this one is completely separated from the review blog, at least in terms of finding this one if you find the review blog first. And I wouldn't really care if they did read the review blog, but then they're going to wonder why I never mentioned it before, and that's going to just be complicated to explain. 

In other news, I have still not managed to drag my lazy butt out of bed in the morning to go running.  Today Daniel had to leave at 5:45 for Bible study and tomorrow I have to leave at 6 to get to Portland, so it's not going to happen then either. Maybe Friday? The weather here is insanely gorgeous, so I really need to take advantage of that and go run around the block already!  The cat is enjoying the nice pile of workout clothes on the ground though, and I hate to disturb her new bed :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great deal on membership to the Seattle Children's Museum!

My family lives on the edge of downtown Seattle, so we don't have much space at home or a yard to play in. So we spend much time at the Seattle Children's Museum! We've been visiting several times a week for over two years now, and we always find something new and fun to do there. They have great classes going on every day, places to play in the water, good traveling exhibits, crafts, a grocery store, a Mexican restaurant, a theater, a toddler area, a forest indoors, and wonderful areas set up to look like homes and shops in Africa, Japan and the Philippines. It's an amazing place!

Right now, through Savvy Source, you can get a fabulous deal on membership to the Children's Museum.  Click here to get a 1-year-membership for just $40. The normal price is $75.  This is a great deal- especially since regular admission to the museum is $7.50 per person for everyone over the age of 1!

The Details

  • Oodles of Fun family membership offers unlimited free admission for 1 year for two adults living at the same physical address and all dependent children
  • 2-for-1 coupons for participating Pacific Northwest Museums
  • 4 free one-time guest passes
  • 10% discount on all birthday parties, pre-registration classes, camps, workshops, and after hours rentals
  • 10% off all purchases at the Children's Museum Store
Click here to take advantage of this wonderful offer. If you purchase using my link, I get rewarded for that- and a preschool of your choice receives 5% of the proceeds. And, another 5% is donated to a preschool scholarship fund for children in need.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

One of my friends came up to me at church today and said "I didn't think to tell you Happy Mother's Day earlier, because I keep forgetting that it applies to us!" I laughed and told her that I agreed, 100%! Mother's Day still seems like something that applies to my mom and my grandmothers and my mother-in-law, but that has little relevance to me, personally. And this is my 3rd/4th Mother's Day (depending on if you count 2007, when I was 6.5 months pregnant as my first mother's day).

We had one of the best weekends that we've had in a long time.  Saturday we drove a fairly short distance out of town to Snoqualmie and rode the train at the Northwest Railway Museum. Seattle people- I HIGHLY recommend this as a great outing if you have a kid who loves trains.  On Mother's Day it's free for moms and on Father's Day it's free for Dads. It was so much fun to ride the old train and see the scenery and see Snoqualmie Falls from the top. So great! Ethan was in heaven- as were all the other 3 year old boys on the train- definitely the target group for this outing!

We also took a walk to Seattle Center yesterday and Ethan rode his walking bike a bunch. He's really catching on to that and loving it.  He's about the cutest little thing in his helmet and on his bike.

Today was church- and a surprisingly easy day in the toddler room.  After that we had an outing to Target and a walk at Green Lake- along with almost everyone else in Seattle.  Did I mention it's been 70 degrees and sunny all weekend? This equals everyone outside. All the time :)

It's been such a great Mother's Day weekend- thankfully I have a party to go to tomorrow night to look forward to (whoohoo- Seattle blog people- see you there!) and another event on Tuesday night with the family- so I might let Daniel out of the house with a minimum amount of crying tomorrow morning.  Hope you all had a great Mother's Day too! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure!

Vivian and I, waiting to board the train

Us on the train

The kids on the train

Ethan spotted the conductor out the window- he LOVES conductors! It was so exciting!

The top of Snoqualmie Falls

Vivian tries on Ethan's bike helmet

 Ethan out for a ride at Seattle Center

Friday, May 7, 2010

A great encouragement for moms

If you're anything like me, one of the biggest struggles in mom-of-small-people life is just the absolute unending and mundane nature of life.  Go read this amazing devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministries. It's such an encouragement.

Not dead yet

We made it to Friday night! Hurray! Finally sitting on the couch and relaxing after a long week. Things improved after the fever/coughing/being vomited on by Ethan episode of Monday night. And the weather finally improved by yesterday so we were actually able to go out for a walk and soak up the sunshine. 

And we got good news yesterday at Ethan's appointment at Children's Hospital- he actually gained a couple of pounds and is back on the growth curve! So now we're back to just monthly weight checks at our regular doctor. And we'll be keeping up with the supplement drinks and continuing to teach him how to eat.

In related news- Vivian is actually eating regular food now, so she's officially passed Ethan up in the solid-food-eating category. Even though she's my second child, Ethan's eating has been so poor for so long that I have virtually no idea how to feed a normal toddler, so I have to keep doing reading and research to remember what she's supposed to be eating at this age!

And on another related note- I dropped by Nordstrom Rack today to shop for running shoes (more on that in a minute), and found a great pair, in my size, in a cute color, at 75% off.  I picked up the display shoe, started walking to the shoe mate window, and Ethan started making his gagging noise while eating his applesauce. Followed by Ethan vomiting all over himself and the stroller. Fortunately, he didn't get too much on the floor, so I was able to mop up the minor mess on the floor and head to the bathroom to clean him up. And, also fortunately, I had spare clothes with us, so I was able to change him and get out of the store without too much problem. Ethan was a little upset by not having shoes or a coat, but he got over that.  There's nothing like dealing with a vomit-covered preschooler in a store on a Friday evening to make you REALLY grateful for the end of the week!

I did buy the cute running shoes, because all of my blog friends keep talking about running and getting in shape and things like that, so I'm now thinking about doing the couch to 5K program.  Buying shoes is probably all of the further that I'll get for a while on that though :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need help on a fundraiser over at the review blog

I'm participating in a fundraiser this week for families affected by pediatric cancer.  Sadly, I've only raised $1 so far, which makes me feel bad for the charity and for the nice company that donated the price. It's a good prize- and only $1 to enter the giveaway (and only one entry so far, so your chances are good!)

The giveaway is for a Fandangling, which is a product we have at our home and that my kids absolutely love. Here's the link- if you can give $1 (or more) to help out, I'd really, really appreciate it.


I was feeding Vivian lunch today, watching her as she sat in her booster chair at the dining table, drinking her formula out of a sippy cup. And I was a little overwhelmed once again with the realization that my baby has grown up so fast.  Less than a month until she's 1... and I know it's only going to go faster from now on.

We just took away Ethan's paci this weekend. Several friends of mine with children who are considerably younger than Ethan have mentioned taking away their kids' pacifiers, and Ethan has a dentist appointment next month, so I decided it was time. Limiting to bedtime hasn't worked lately and the silly paci seemed to be showing up in his mouth every time I turned around. Sunday I'd had enough and took it away. Fortunately, I'd just gotten a toy for review on the review blog and I bribed him with that, and it's been super easy. We also told him to say goodbye to the pacis and that they were going away on an airplane to Paciland. He has asked a few times about them, then when we ask where the pacis are, he always says "airplane" and doesn't ask again. 

The only drawback so far with this transition is that he doesn't want to do quiet time in his room anymore.  By and large he hasn't napped in months, but I could usually bribe him to play quietly for a little while by giving him his pacifier.  Still, a small price to pay to get rid of the pacifier.

It's funny, transitions like no paci and big boy bed were things that we were super worried about, and they've been really easy. Potty training turned out to be a valid fear- I knew that would be hard and it was. I only say "was" because we gave up on that and will attempt it again soon. I'm hoping for better luck later.

I guess this a lot like life itself. So many of the things that we fear never come to pass. Some concerns do turn out to be as bad as we imagined, but many don't. 

In other news, avoid pretzel m&ms if you are trying to maintain/lose weight or if you have no willpower.  They are the most delicious thing EVER.  I'm eating my second bag right now.  Bye-bye WW points for today!

Monday, May 3, 2010

They did not cover this in parenting class

I do not like being sick.  Daniel offered to stay home today, but I felt that him staying home to take care of me when I just have a virus was kind of ridiculous.  I made it through the day thanks to Vivian actually taking two naps (she's been doing just one lately) and renting Wall-E to keep Ethan occupied.

Then Daniel made it home a little early and I finally laid my feverish, coughing self on the couch.  This was apparently some sort of signal for Ethan to run up, climb on me, and vomit all over me.  Yeah, they definitely didn't cover this in parenting class.

Once again, it's an awfully good thing that he's cute :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hi Daniel

I was having a bad day last week. And in my rant about my bad day I yelled this phrase at my husband. "Just read my blog, already, then you will know what's really going on in my life!!!!"

Then yesterday I found him reading this blog on (my) our new iTouch.  Yes, the one that he bought for "my" Mother's Day gift.

I've been telling him about my blog for years, but he's never actually stopped by.  Now that he's actually reading, I'm feeling pressure to be interesting. Or angsty so that he knows what to say/do at home in the evenings.

I have nothing.  Except a horrendous cold.  Daniel- all the advice I have for you right now- just hand me a tissue and some cold medicine and try to stay out of the way. I don't do sick very well. 

Oh, and thank you for listening and reading.  Be patient with me.  I love you.