Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I would call this Thursday quick takes, but then I have to be brief, and I do not excel at that. This is what happens when I stop posting as often, things build up :)

1. I got rid of the breast pump AND the highchair this morning. The exersaucer goes tomorrow.  This, somehow, makes the whole "all done with having babies" thing seem so much more final than anything else. Even more so than the tubal ligation.  Tubes are not visible, highchairs are.  I'm a little tiny bit sad, but mostly want to dance around in joy, because our home is 900 square feet and the highchair and saucer were taking up about 4 of those.  Too much.

2.  And it looks like I'll be able to get rid of my most hated toy soon- this obnoxious walking/pushy/musical toy. It's great for kids learning to walk to be able to walk behind and push, but it's bulky and I hate it.  Miss Vivian crawled over to it yesterday, stood up and walked off.  I didn't know she knew how to walk- she's been standing and sort of taking a step or two in her Juppy walker, but this was a lot more than that.  I would kind of like to know who stole my baby and left this little toddler in her place?

3. Another totally random thing- when my family was visiting on Sunday, my great-aunts were surprised that Vivian wasn't walking yet since, as they pointed out "she's so tiny!". Which totally cracked us up, because, compared to her brother, we think she's enormous.  She's really not, I think she's only in about the 15th percentile, but she actually has chubby legs and things like that that we're not used to.  But for my mom's side of the family, she's tiny. Because they almost all had 10+ pound babies. Even my grandmother and her twin sister were 6 pounds each.  I have thanked Daniel for being small and overcoming my family's giant baby genetics with his family's much more reasonably sized babies.

4. Speaking of eating. Sigh.  I would just like to say that my heart goes out to people with kids with severe diseases. I can see how it would be hard on your marriage. Even Ethan's minor problems take a toll on us if we aren't careful. We had a big blow up about it yesterday (by we I mean me, as Daniel doesn't yell or fight back).  Ethan's eating right now is a very very delicate balance. Through a LOT of effort, we've introduced a few solid foods.  I pretty much spend my entire day following him around with his sippy cup of high-cal drink and a food that he will nibble on a bit here and there. Getting his 1000 calories in him per day begins the moment he gets up and goes on all day.  The challenge is that, if he has a day where he actually eats any substantial amount of solid food, we have to be careful how much and to reduce his drink consumption accordingly. If not, he loses it all and my day was more or less wasted.

The problem is that Daniel is gone all day and he doesn't have a good perspective on how much Ethan has eaten. So it's really tempting for him to get Ethan to take "just one more bite" when he sees a half-eaten muffin on the plate.  This has resulted in numerous vomiting episodes. Last night was one of those- I told Daniel that we were almost at critical mass for Ethan's calories for the day, and to just give him the rest of the bowl of pureed food. Unfortunately, he went just beyond that and Ethan got sick.  I pretty much lost it then because not only was my whole day of feeding Ethan undone, but I had JUST finished the laundry too. Of course.

I have to admit, I did not respond well. Fortunately, I got over it and Daniel forgave me for my insane outburst.  I need to remember to stop and pray before I lose it- and to remember that Daniel totally and completely means well and is just as frustrated with this feeding problem as I am.  Easier said than done some days though.

5. Speaking of Daniel- his boss is in the process right now of deciding where the office should be located- their lease is up and he's considering moving to downtown Seattle. We're praying hard for this- if Daniel's crazy long evening commute was eliminated (over an hour to drive 13 miles, if any of you have missed me whining about that before), it would be SUCH a blessing to us. And Daniel would be able to bus to work and I'd actually have the car during the week and would be able to go on playdates and to the store and to the park and things like that. I know it seems minor, but it would be huge for us. If you have a minute and are a praying person, pray for that, please!

6.  Did I mention that I'm in the middle of planning Vivian's first birthday parties? My baby! We're doing a family party and a friend party. Andrea made me the most beautiful invitations for the family party- I'm going to be reviewing them on the review blog later, but I'm so excited about them already. She's really talented!

Sorry, this post is insanely long. I need to go let the kids out of captivity. They were making me nuts, so I put them in their beds for a few minutes so I could decompress. :) Hope you all have a great rest of the day today- Friday's almost here!

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Vivian's walking? Where did our babies go!? :)