Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snack time!

I just ate my last piece of Easter candy :( Weeping.  I actually managed to not bring any candy into the house until yesterday, but after reading tons of posts and Facebook messages on Sunday and yesterday about Easter baskets, I caved.  Thats right, I'm blaming you all for my weakness! :)  I ate a ton of candy yesterday, and it was yummy, but my body isn't used to that much sugar, so it was a bad sugar crash. So when Daniel was leaving for work this morning, I handed him a big bag of candy along with his lunch and told him to take it out of the house. He said he felt like a trick-or-treater :)

Anyway, I just ate the last piece that I had kept for today, so now it's back to healthier eating for me!

In other eating news, we're still working on Ethan. I got the summary report yesterday from the occupational therapy appointment and it had some information in it that the OT hadn't mentioned at the time. Like the fact that he's in the 2nd percentile for weight and 4th for height. I knew he was below the 5th percentile, but I didn't realize just how low he'd gotten. And she also feels that he's a little developmentally immature- which isn't what I like to hear, but again, not a real surprise to me.  Daniel and I are starting to think about preschools for this fall- he really does need to be getting out and spending more time around other kids.  I'm not sure what we'll end up doing about that, but it's something that we're thinking about.

He actually took a few bites of apple yesterday and ate half of an english muffin on two recent days. This is huge for Ethan, he really hates chewing, so him voluntarily eating anything that doesn't dissolve easily is a big deal.  I think having Vivian eating more is having a good influence on him- she likes to beg for food like a puppy and she was gnawing on a piece of apple when Ethan asked for one.  And he loves to sit in the chair next to her high chair and eat Cheerios along with her while she snacks.  Hopefully she'll continue to be a good influence! 

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