Friday, April 9, 2010


We actually had a busy morning this morning- meeting up with a former co-worker downtown (someone I haven't seen in over 10 years but who was in town for 1 day and we were able to cross paths), a friend dropping by for a few hours to see the kids and catch up.  After my friend left I put Vivian down for a nap and then sat down to do some work while Ethan went to play in his room.

And he fell asleep. I told Daniel that on Skype and he responded "is that a good thing or a bad thing?".  Nap time has become extremely complicated here. 5 days out of 7, Ethan doesn't nap. He'll sometimes do quiet time in his room, but he doesn't nap.  And most of those days he's getting pretty grouchy by round about 6 PM and we put him to bed at 7.  Vivian's still up later than that, but we're generally kid-free by about 9 or so. 

Then there are the other couple of days per week- the days on which Ethan is just so tired and fussy that he doesn't fight the nap and actually sleeps.  Which is wonderful and great because occasionally Vivian also naps at the same time and I can actually get some reviews done and some billable work done for my job and maybe even vacuum the living room. Checking things off my to-do list makes my heart happy.  So this is a win-win, right? Well, this is where the challenge comes in- if Ethan naps? He stays up until 11 PM.Or later. He's just not tired.  Time after time this has been true.  And, honestly? I don't even stay up until 11 PM anymore, especially since Vivian wakes up multiple times in the night and I've been having trouble getting back to sleep for those early morning hours.

I know that was all long and complicated- but the summary is- no one is sleeping normal hours or really much at all.  And we're SO tired.  I have a great book that has some tips on sleep and we've been trying to use those on Vivian so that we can get her back to sleeping all night, or at least not waking up every 3 hours wanting to eat/play.  But this whole Ethan nap thing has me a little discombobulated.  I'm hoping that we can figure it out soon!

Until then- look at this ridiculous cuteness! I've been having trouble getting Vivian to take her bottle or sippy cup during the day, and Ethan wanted to help out. He actually got her to drink some!


Sarcastica said...

I'm also having a hard time getting Nolan to take his sippy cup of juice (he's nearly a year old). He just has fun dumping it ALL OVER the floor. Sigh. He sleeps good though, no complaints there!

Adorable photos! Came here via the links for Maddie. Sweet post you did; I thought that too. I always think that, whenever I get frustrated I think about Heather and the other mother's who have lost their babies and how they would wish for a million more days of crying teething babies.

Emma said...

I know I'm a little late on the comment (I've been catching up as I've just gone back to work and have no time for anything anymore!). There is a great book called Save Our Sleep that has worked for us (and many of my friends who recommended it to me). We started using it pretty early as my DD was a terrible sleeper (still is actually, sounds a bit like Ethan but she is 14m). If you've got the courage to try and change his routine now, might be worth a shot.