Friday, April 2, 2010

More sand in my shoes

The sand is figurative, so don't be thinking that I've run off and am partying in some tropical location. I wish. Unfortunately the sand that I refer to is of the "hanging out in my shoes and making me insane while I climb the mountain of life" variety.

As you all know, Ethan's got all these feeding, or should I say, not feeding issues.  Currently he's been prescribed 3 ultra-high-calorie drinks per day.  That forms about 95% of his nutrition. I generally can get him to eat a few other things in the course of the day, like a small bowl of soup or yogurt or some such thing.  Yesterday he actually asked for food and ate more than one solid and I practically danced around the house with glee.

Then I got all super-confident with my crazy feeding skills and decided to give Vivian a few teeny-tiny bites of real solid food. She's been doing great on the purees and soups, but she's 10 months old now, and it's past time that she eats something more.  So I gave her some incredibly little pieces of cut-up blueberries and some pieces of banana and one other mushy food.  She ate one bite of something and started gagging on the microscopic food in her mouth.  And then she threw it all up.

This is exactly how Ethan's feeding issues started and exactly where we were at when he was this age. I actually started crying right there, because I don't know how I'm going to handle going through all this mysteriousness and fighting about food with another one.  Spending the entire day following Ethan around with his nutritional drink and trying every method imaginable to get him to at least consider food is wearing me out. 

And Ethan's started vomiting again, which is why I'm up at midnight, blogging as I wait for the laundry to get dry enough so that he can have his special blanket and stuffed animals and go back to sleep.  That's what I get for actually succeeding in getting him to drink his drinks today- I get to see them all again in the middle of the night.

Sorry for whining about this all the time. I'm just so very very tired and wish someone would have some answers for us.

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Andrea said...

Both of my girls gagged the first several times I gave them solid foods. I just started giving Megan watered down juices in a cup and she puked 3 times yesterday and NEVER pukes. It's just something new that she has to get used to.

What I did with Megan is feed her her baby food while cooking or during the appetizer at a restaurant. Then I would give her tiny bits off my plate of rice or veggies or fries etc. That way I knew she wasn't hungry and mad, but playng and exploring the food.

As for Ethan's puking, I am so sorry for the middle of the night stuff. Poor baby. Maybe his tumy is so tiny for the moment that too much of anything just doesn't sit well? I hope you can get all of that sorted out soon. I just hate to hear that you're both up at night after all that you go through during the day.