Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm potty training. So far, not so good.

Ethan has recently started telling us after he's done something in his diaper, and he's been waking up dry in the mornings, so we have been talking about possibly trying to potty train him. Because he will be 3 in just over 3 months. So, this morning we looked at the calendar and the weather and decided that, since this was going to be a pretty quiet week and we'd be in a lot, we'd try the potty training. Then Daniel left me alone and went to work.

This potty training thing feels more "grown-up" than most other things I've done so far as a mom. A lot of the time I feel that I'm just keeping everyone alive- not really sitting down and trying to deliberately teach someone something. And this is a big life skill!

My chosen method (for now at least) is to go cold turkey on the diapers during the daytime and just clean up the messes.  I've read lots of things about potty training, and this is the method that I think most suits Ethan's personality.

Of course, within 15 minutes of putting the first pair of underwear on him, he did a giant mess in it. Then wet the next pair shortly after. And twice more later in the day. My living room floor is a minefield of wet spots from where I've been cleaning up after him.  :)

But he is accepting the idea of sitting on the potty, which is enormous progress. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon!


Elizabeth said...

We are going through this now, and my two words of advice are - if he seems not ready, it's ok to give up and try again later - for us the second attempt was SO different that it was clear after the fact that the first time we tried too soon.

And secondly - we had lots of successs with a chart with stickers working up to one big "prize." That seemed to make the nebulous concept of the whole thing a lot more concrete. It worked really well.

Andrea said...

I started trying to potty train Emma (she was 2 in August) last October. Pull Ups felt too much like a diaper to her, so those were out. I tried cold turkey for a week and she even peed on the toilet a few times, and we rewarded her.....but she started refusing to sit down on the potty and throwing huge fits. So I gave up.....

I tried here and there, would talk to her daily about it, bring her with me to the bathroom but she would still throw a fit if I tried to sit her down. She just didn't have the time for that sort of thing. Her language skills now are very good so she had no problem telling me she liked diapers because it's

2 weeks ago it happened. We ran out of diapers, and I had no money on my card to buy more and Willia was in meetings all day. So I put her in pull ups. As I was putting them on Emma said, "no pee pee on them" and so I thought, "hey, maybe this could work for us."

Within 5 minutes she was telling me she had to go. Everytime I tried to do something for her sister. So I was feeling like it was just for attention and she wouldn't do it. I told her to go in there and do it herself at one point, and she called me in...annoyed I went in and to my suprise she had pooped! Miracle of miracles! Then all that day she peed in the potty too. We didn't ever try the potty chair because Emma asked a few months ago why we didn't go on the little chair. Good point kid.

For 5 days Emma went exclusively in the toilet before she even had a single accident (diapers at night and naps of course) her first accident was my fault.

So we're doing well now....until we leave the house. If I put clothes on her she thinks its ok to so we are working on not peeing in clothing and not being naked all of the time. I haven't had to change a poop from her in 8 days! Glorious.

Good luck. It's the hardest most frustrating thing you will ever do by far....

Jen said...

I agree with Elizabeth. Jackson was not ready the first time that I tried to push it but when he started telling us he had to go, it was like a lightbulb went on. He hasn't had an accident in almost 5 days. The other thing that worked for us was a potty chart that I made on construction paper and he would get a sticker every time he went potty. It had like 50+ boxes on it and at the end he got a bike. When he would have an accidnet b/c he was doing something else and didn't tell us, he wouldn't get a sticker the next time we went to the bathroom. He had the bike in less than 3 weeks.