Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apple app advice?

I've been telling Daniel for ages that, given my technology addiction, I can never be trusted with an iPhone or anything like that.  But I've also been asking for an upgrade to my iPod shuffle, since it's hard to keep track of what I'm listening to on there. He came home yesterday with an iTouch. He's apparently been searching for a good deal on a used on on craigslist and he drove over an hour round-trip yesterday to get this one. LOVE him!

Since he came home with the iTouch, we haven't really spoken to each other, because we've been busy both trying to figure out how the whole thing works. It's a 1st generation, so not super fancy, but I can get apps and things like that.

I know there are apps that I was dying to try- anyone have any good recommendations? Especially for things that would help entertain the kids? I probably wont be out with it too much, as I never leave the condo, but having a go-to app for Ethan to play with during doctors' appointments would be good.

And I'm also going to need a sleeve/case for it. I'd love to get something off Etsy and did some browsing today and saw some that I liked. Again- any recommendations? It's about the size of an iPhone, if that helps.

It's amazing that now the internet is in my hand- I didn't even have email until college! Feeling old now...

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support said...

Hi There - We're a Seattle company ( that makes apps for parents and kids. Would be happy to send you some codes for apps.

One is called babyCalm, that might be helpful for your 10 month old. Here's a video of babyCalm in action with my 4 month old son:

We also have some fun puzzles for older kids:

Let me know!

Chris Kerns
Synthetic Bits / Synthetic Kids