Friday, April 30, 2010

New background

I like to change things up every so often. Usually that means buying new shoes or clothes- this week it meant painting my kitchen orange :)  And changing the background here!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband

I've been married for just over 4 years now- it's been an amazing, crazy roller-coaster ride. And I would like to say that there is NO one that I would have rather been on this ride with than Daniel. Every, single, day, he comes home and amazes me with his patience and love.

Things are not perfect with us, by any stretch of the imagination. If you throw two major job changes and two moves and two kids into any marriage in a period of time that's shorter than that of the lifespan of your wedding gifts- you're going to have issues. We've had those. In multiples.  And there is no one that I'd rather go through all this with. 

And- Daniel just managed to get our cranky, sick, almost-11-month-old to sleep- for the first time ALL day! Have I mentioned how much I love this man? 

Seriously- life is so full of complications, but I would not trade it for anything else. I've never in my life loved anyone as much as I do these three people in my home right now. I am SO blessed.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apple app advice?

I've been telling Daniel for ages that, given my technology addiction, I can never be trusted with an iPhone or anything like that.  But I've also been asking for an upgrade to my iPod shuffle, since it's hard to keep track of what I'm listening to on there. He came home yesterday with an iTouch. He's apparently been searching for a good deal on a used on on craigslist and he drove over an hour round-trip yesterday to get this one. LOVE him!

Since he came home with the iTouch, we haven't really spoken to each other, because we've been busy both trying to figure out how the whole thing works. It's a 1st generation, so not super fancy, but I can get apps and things like that.

I know there are apps that I was dying to try- anyone have any good recommendations? Especially for things that would help entertain the kids? I probably wont be out with it too much, as I never leave the condo, but having a go-to app for Ethan to play with during doctors' appointments would be good.

And I'm also going to need a sleeve/case for it. I'd love to get something off Etsy and did some browsing today and saw some that I liked. Again- any recommendations? It's about the size of an iPhone, if that helps.

It's amazing that now the internet is in my hand- I didn't even have email until college! Feeling old now...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Probaby the most random thing I've ever complained about here

Okay, this is not a new problem, but it's happened several times lately. Which makes it blog-worthy, right? :)

Here's the situation. I'm filling out forms online for contests or something. I fill in all the blanks, then press submit. And get an error message reading something along the lines of "last name not entered. Please enter at least 3 characters of your last name."  The problem is that my last name is only two letters long! There aren't 3 letters to enter!

Usually the system can be fooled if I put in a space after  my name, but occasionally I have to add a * or something.  I know most last names are at least 3 letters long, but I know we're not alone in the short last name thing.  Where are the rights for people with ultra-short family names? :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sometimes they make me just stop and smile

This past week was a really tough one. One of the worst that I've had as a mom yet.  A lot of things went really wrong (not just the potty training) and were really challenging and there were lots of tears from pretty much everyone, for one reason or another.

But we survived and it's Saturday and I'm up early getting caught up on things before the other members of the zoo are up and running around.

Even in the midst of the craziness this past week, there were some moments that I had to just stop and smile at my kids. Like this one, when Vivian wouldn't take her bottle from me, so I put it down and walked off, and then looked over to see this:

Honestly, she'll take her bottle better from Ethan than from us sometimes.

Another smiling moment came when Ethan was in his room and Vivian found herself alone! with the bike! and other toys! (this is a very exciting thing for her!).  And I looked over and saw her doing this:

And that, my friends, is why Vivian wears frilly dresses almost every day. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a little tomboy on my hands and the days of the frilly dresses are going to end as soon as she can talk. Mommy is taking advantage of this time when she can control the wardrobe! 

Did your kids do anything especially cute this week? Aren't you so grateful for those moments of smiles in the midst of the routine? 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Giant Magnet coming to Seattle May 11-15

This is a crosspost from the review blog- wanted to make sure all you Seattle people saw it!

Since I started review blogging last August, my family has gotten to try out so many wonderful products and we've enjoyed them all. But what we love even more than the things that come in the mail are the opportunities to go participate in special activities in our area.  Yesterday I got an email with another invitation- one that we quickly accepted!

We are going to be attending Giant Magnet- a global event taking place locally. In our case, it's very local- just down the street at the Seattle Center.  I love it when the world shows up on my doorstep! This is an event taking place May 11-15 in Seattle, with events also occurring in Tacoma on May 17th.

There are both performance and participation events going on at Giant Magnet- the ticketed events are suitable for all ages, which I love. So many of the cultural or musical events that we would like to attend aren't baby and toddler-friendly. No tickets necessary for those 2 and under.  If you click on this site, you can see some of the performances that will be taking place at Giant Magnet- circus acts, music, dance, puppetry, so many great events!

In addition to these ticketed performances, there will be Discovery Centers set up around Seattle Center where you can go and actually do a hands-on activity such as make a kite, play an interactive game, create an origami creation, or hula-hoop! This site has a full list of the activities going on at the Discovery Centers.These activities are free with the purchase of a ticket to one of the performances.

Hope to see you there!

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to Giant Magnet as a thanks for spreading the word about this event. I was not compensated in any other way and opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been really struggling with jealousy lately. In a vast number of areas of my life.  I don't like this about myself.  Because not only does this mean that my perspective and my focus is not on what God wants it to be, but I also have thoughts about others that 1) aren't entirely true and 2) aren't loving and supportive. And I don't like that I'm not spending time being grateful for all the HUGE number of things that God has blessed me with and the things that are good about my life, but on the few, relatively minor things. Because those are the challenges that He's letting us go through to help strengthen us. 

I'm also really short-tempered lately. That's partially because I spend all my days being slowly worn down by the crazy peeing-non-napping kids and haven't had anything resembling a break from them in ages, but it's also, again, a matter of perspective in my life.  It's this ongoing obsessive, type-A personality that sees the unmade bed and the unfolded laundry and the to-do list for work as more important than sitting and reading a book to my kids.

It's so unbelievably exasperating to not be able to keep my self and my focus and my priorities on track for more than about 1 millisecond.  Hopefully I can get off the spoiled brat track and back on the loving wife and mother and follower of Christ track. 

On days like this, I'm so grateful for the truth in the Bible. Scriptures like this one give me hope.
"as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us."—Psalm 103:12
I'm so glad He's patient and forgiving. I'd be lost otherwise. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I can't believe I'm blogging about potty-training instead of watching Glee

Glee is on in the background, but I'm catching up on blogging and not really watching it. I suspect that I am going to miss things that you will all be talking about on Twitter tomorrow, and I'll have to watch it again online tomorrow. Oh well :)

Potty-training is definitely not something that's matching up with my personality. It requires 1) patience and 2) ability to deal with lots of bodily fluids.  I am not good at those things.  At all.  Ethan's still sans diapers here though, except at nighttime, and he's thrilled with sitting on the potty and brings his stuffed animals over to go through the whole potty ritual. But so far he's still not doing anything while sitting on the potty and then having an accident within a few minutes of standing up each time. I still think he's ready though, before he wouldn't go near the potty at all, and really fought the idea. So I'm hopeful!

Still, I've been spending a lot of time sitting on the bathroom floor this week, reading books about trains to Ethan and wondering how I suddenly woke up in this life. I'm pretty sure that it was just about 5 minutes ago that I was in college or living in Ukraine or going to grad school or going on my first date with some guy name Daniel who I'd met on It's gone so fast- I feel like I was just transported to this life where I'm trying to explain bodily functions to one kid and keep another from eating dirt off the floor and OH MY GOODNESS, I'm the mom! I'm the responsible one in this life!  Please, tell me how that happened?

The Madonna songs on Glee today aren't helping me stay centered in my current life- they're making me flash back to being an early teenager! But am loving the songs tonight- too fun! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm potty training. So far, not so good.

Ethan has recently started telling us after he's done something in his diaper, and he's been waking up dry in the mornings, so we have been talking about possibly trying to potty train him. Because he will be 3 in just over 3 months. So, this morning we looked at the calendar and the weather and decided that, since this was going to be a pretty quiet week and we'd be in a lot, we'd try the potty training. Then Daniel left me alone and went to work.

This potty training thing feels more "grown-up" than most other things I've done so far as a mom. A lot of the time I feel that I'm just keeping everyone alive- not really sitting down and trying to deliberately teach someone something. And this is a big life skill!

My chosen method (for now at least) is to go cold turkey on the diapers during the daytime and just clean up the messes.  I've read lots of things about potty training, and this is the method that I think most suits Ethan's personality.

Of course, within 15 minutes of putting the first pair of underwear on him, he did a giant mess in it. Then wet the next pair shortly after. And twice more later in the day. My living room floor is a minefield of wet spots from where I've been cleaning up after him.  :)

But he is accepting the idea of sitting on the potty, which is enormous progress. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Things really do go in circles

First off, I would like to make it VERY clear that I am not advocating one side or the other in the things that I am about to discuss. This is just a post to mention something, not to debate the merits of one side or another.

Last week I got an email from the director of Children's Ministries at our church, letting all the parents know that there had been an outbreak of chicken pox in my son's Sunday School class. Just an FYI to us. And at the end of the email, she let us know that, if we were interested, the family was open to the idea of a "chicken pox" party, to help expose our kids to chicken pox.

This made me laugh a little- because it just reinforces, to me at least, the fact that my church, while harmonious and happy, definitely has two more or less distinct categories of families. AGAIN, I am NOT making any judgments here one way or the other. Group1: Big families- usually at least 4 kids, generally homeschooled, non-vaccinating against chicken pox, moms had kids in their 20s.  Group 2: Moms who worked up until having kids or are still working now, generally married later, almost all had kids in 30s (and some in their early 40s), undecided about whether or not to homeschool/sending kids to private school or even public school, vaccinated the kids against chicken pox.

The funny thing to me is that, while I completely fall into the second group of moms, my parents were completely the opposite. I was born at home, homeschooled, my mom made her own bread and canned everything and made yogurt, and I didn't receive a single vaccination until I was 12 or 13 years old.  And that worked for us then, but now I'm a city-dwelling, not-a-chance that I'm going to homeschool, working part-time (very part time lately), vaccinating my kids against everything, had my babies in a hospital and loved it, mom. And that also works for me! But it does make me wonder what type of mom my daughter will be and what she'll like from the way she was raised and what she'll want to do differently.

Honestly, I'm really glad to be a part of a church where both types of families can exist and work well together. I think it's good to be exposed to different ideas and ways of doing something within a safe atmosphere.  It's encouraging to me. Still makes me laugh sometimes when I look at how different the families are at our church, but we all love God and each other and follow Christ and that's what matters.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I would call this Thursday quick takes, but then I have to be brief, and I do not excel at that. This is what happens when I stop posting as often, things build up :)

1. I got rid of the breast pump AND the highchair this morning. The exersaucer goes tomorrow.  This, somehow, makes the whole "all done with having babies" thing seem so much more final than anything else. Even more so than the tubal ligation.  Tubes are not visible, highchairs are.  I'm a little tiny bit sad, but mostly want to dance around in joy, because our home is 900 square feet and the highchair and saucer were taking up about 4 of those.  Too much.

2.  And it looks like I'll be able to get rid of my most hated toy soon- this obnoxious walking/pushy/musical toy. It's great for kids learning to walk to be able to walk behind and push, but it's bulky and I hate it.  Miss Vivian crawled over to it yesterday, stood up and walked off.  I didn't know she knew how to walk- she's been standing and sort of taking a step or two in her Juppy walker, but this was a lot more than that.  I would kind of like to know who stole my baby and left this little toddler in her place?

3. Another totally random thing- when my family was visiting on Sunday, my great-aunts were surprised that Vivian wasn't walking yet since, as they pointed out "she's so tiny!". Which totally cracked us up, because, compared to her brother, we think she's enormous.  She's really not, I think she's only in about the 15th percentile, but she actually has chubby legs and things like that that we're not used to.  But for my mom's side of the family, she's tiny. Because they almost all had 10+ pound babies. Even my grandmother and her twin sister were 6 pounds each.  I have thanked Daniel for being small and overcoming my family's giant baby genetics with his family's much more reasonably sized babies.

4. Speaking of eating. Sigh.  I would just like to say that my heart goes out to people with kids with severe diseases. I can see how it would be hard on your marriage. Even Ethan's minor problems take a toll on us if we aren't careful. We had a big blow up about it yesterday (by we I mean me, as Daniel doesn't yell or fight back).  Ethan's eating right now is a very very delicate balance. Through a LOT of effort, we've introduced a few solid foods.  I pretty much spend my entire day following him around with his sippy cup of high-cal drink and a food that he will nibble on a bit here and there. Getting his 1000 calories in him per day begins the moment he gets up and goes on all day.  The challenge is that, if he has a day where he actually eats any substantial amount of solid food, we have to be careful how much and to reduce his drink consumption accordingly. If not, he loses it all and my day was more or less wasted.

The problem is that Daniel is gone all day and he doesn't have a good perspective on how much Ethan has eaten. So it's really tempting for him to get Ethan to take "just one more bite" when he sees a half-eaten muffin on the plate.  This has resulted in numerous vomiting episodes. Last night was one of those- I told Daniel that we were almost at critical mass for Ethan's calories for the day, and to just give him the rest of the bowl of pureed food. Unfortunately, he went just beyond that and Ethan got sick.  I pretty much lost it then because not only was my whole day of feeding Ethan undone, but I had JUST finished the laundry too. Of course.

I have to admit, I did not respond well. Fortunately, I got over it and Daniel forgave me for my insane outburst.  I need to remember to stop and pray before I lose it- and to remember that Daniel totally and completely means well and is just as frustrated with this feeding problem as I am.  Easier said than done some days though.

5. Speaking of Daniel- his boss is in the process right now of deciding where the office should be located- their lease is up and he's considering moving to downtown Seattle. We're praying hard for this- if Daniel's crazy long evening commute was eliminated (over an hour to drive 13 miles, if any of you have missed me whining about that before), it would be SUCH a blessing to us. And Daniel would be able to bus to work and I'd actually have the car during the week and would be able to go on playdates and to the store and to the park and things like that. I know it seems minor, but it would be huge for us. If you have a minute and are a praying person, pray for that, please!

6.  Did I mention that I'm in the middle of planning Vivian's first birthday parties? My baby! We're doing a family party and a friend party. Andrea made me the most beautiful invitations for the family party- I'm going to be reviewing them on the review blog later, but I'm so excited about them already. She's really talented!

Sorry, this post is insanely long. I need to go let the kids out of captivity. They were making me nuts, so I put them in their beds for a few minutes so I could decompress. :) Hope you all have a great rest of the day today- Friday's almost here!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Because I can't post it on Facebook...

Yesterday I had a Nabisco 100 Calorie snack pack party through  It was tons of fun and the snacks were so yummy. But you can go read about it over on the review blog if you really care. That's not the point of this post. One of the things that I received in my party pack was a bag of tiny little plastic martini glasses, to be used for serving the cookies in. Just a fun decoration. We certainly weren't drinking mini martinis at 10 AM on a Monday morning. Multiple cups of coffee apiece, yes. Martinis no. 

After the friends left, my kids were playing with the martini glasses and I just had to laugh when Vivian was sitting around with one in each hand.  I'm pretty sure this should be categorized as a parenting fail :)

"Why yes, my grandfather is a Southern Baptist pastor. Why do you ask?"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A wonderful family visit

My grandmother, her sisters and her cousin were on their way to their cousin's reunion today and dropped by to see us for a bit.  We see my grandmother fairly often, but not often enough, so it was nice to have them here for lunch and a good visit.  The kids were overjoyed with all the attention and had a wonderful time!

The girls!

Trying to get a good picture with both kids. It was an adventure.
The best part of the whole day was when Grandma and her sisters broke out singing "Farmer in the Dell" to try to get Ethan to smile for the picture. It was hysterical!

After they left, Vivian decided that she wanted to ride Ethan's bike. She can't reach the ground, but does pretty well balancing. Ethan put up with it for a bit, then ran off with the bike :)


Just wanted to say thanks for the biting advice. I think Karen had a good point about it being partially about time and attention. Now that I think about it, it's not just happening at the end of the day, it's happening when I'm trying to make dinner. So, among other things, I think I need to separate the kids during that time!

As always, you guys are great!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


So, I mentioned a few days ago that Vivian has started fighting back against the oppression that is her brother- and her method of fighting back is by biting.

Here's the thing- and my source of confusion about all this. Vivian does not bite until the late afternoon/evening, when her brother has been picking on her all day. The kids love to play together, but pretty much every time Ethan is near Vivian, he's pushing her over or randomly sitting on her or stealing her toys or being mean to her in some other way. I am fairly certain that I say "ETHAN! Stop hitting/pushing/kicking/sitting on/taking the toy from Vivian" 45 times per day by the time they've been up for 10 minutes. That's just their life. They're always in the same space wanting the same toy, and right now Ethan is bigger and he has more tools to fight with.

So, I'm 95% proud of Vivian for finally finding a way to fight back and not get pushed around. But, at the same time, biting other people is probably not something we want to encourage. And she's biting him hard- hard enough to leave bruises and marks on his arms for days afterwards. Which means I need to do something about it. Even though Ethan, so far, completely deserves being bit.

Anyone been here before that has great advice for me? Anyone???

Friday, April 9, 2010


We actually had a busy morning this morning- meeting up with a former co-worker downtown (someone I haven't seen in over 10 years but who was in town for 1 day and we were able to cross paths), a friend dropping by for a few hours to see the kids and catch up.  After my friend left I put Vivian down for a nap and then sat down to do some work while Ethan went to play in his room.

And he fell asleep. I told Daniel that on Skype and he responded "is that a good thing or a bad thing?".  Nap time has become extremely complicated here. 5 days out of 7, Ethan doesn't nap. He'll sometimes do quiet time in his room, but he doesn't nap.  And most of those days he's getting pretty grouchy by round about 6 PM and we put him to bed at 7.  Vivian's still up later than that, but we're generally kid-free by about 9 or so. 

Then there are the other couple of days per week- the days on which Ethan is just so tired and fussy that he doesn't fight the nap and actually sleeps.  Which is wonderful and great because occasionally Vivian also naps at the same time and I can actually get some reviews done and some billable work done for my job and maybe even vacuum the living room. Checking things off my to-do list makes my heart happy.  So this is a win-win, right? Well, this is where the challenge comes in- if Ethan naps? He stays up until 11 PM.Or later. He's just not tired.  Time after time this has been true.  And, honestly? I don't even stay up until 11 PM anymore, especially since Vivian wakes up multiple times in the night and I've been having trouble getting back to sleep for those early morning hours.

I know that was all long and complicated- but the summary is- no one is sleeping normal hours or really much at all.  And we're SO tired.  I have a great book that has some tips on sleep and we've been trying to use those on Vivian so that we can get her back to sleeping all night, or at least not waking up every 3 hours wanting to eat/play.  But this whole Ethan nap thing has me a little discombobulated.  I'm hoping that we can figure it out soon!

Until then- look at this ridiculous cuteness! I've been having trouble getting Vivian to take her bottle or sippy cup during the day, and Ethan wanted to help out. He actually got her to drink some!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Praying for Maddie's parents today

My kids have been driving me INSANE lately. Fightfightfightfightfight.  Although I did get a good laugh last night when Ethan took Vivian's toy for about the 1000th time and she leaned over and bit him. And then she did it again a few minutes later when he again took her toy- actually leaving teeth marks and making him cry the second time. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't scold her or comfort him well. Parenting fail, I suppose. :)

But I've been thinking a lot lately about how Heather would trade places with me in a heartbeat and I know she'd give anything to have Maddie around to bicker with baby Annabel.  Today it's been a year since Maddie died. Pray for them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snack time!

I just ate my last piece of Easter candy :( Weeping.  I actually managed to not bring any candy into the house until yesterday, but after reading tons of posts and Facebook messages on Sunday and yesterday about Easter baskets, I caved.  Thats right, I'm blaming you all for my weakness! :)  I ate a ton of candy yesterday, and it was yummy, but my body isn't used to that much sugar, so it was a bad sugar crash. So when Daniel was leaving for work this morning, I handed him a big bag of candy along with his lunch and told him to take it out of the house. He said he felt like a trick-or-treater :)

Anyway, I just ate the last piece that I had kept for today, so now it's back to healthier eating for me!

In other eating news, we're still working on Ethan. I got the summary report yesterday from the occupational therapy appointment and it had some information in it that the OT hadn't mentioned at the time. Like the fact that he's in the 2nd percentile for weight and 4th for height. I knew he was below the 5th percentile, but I didn't realize just how low he'd gotten. And she also feels that he's a little developmentally immature- which isn't what I like to hear, but again, not a real surprise to me.  Daniel and I are starting to think about preschools for this fall- he really does need to be getting out and spending more time around other kids.  I'm not sure what we'll end up doing about that, but it's something that we're thinking about.

He actually took a few bites of apple yesterday and ate half of an english muffin on two recent days. This is huge for Ethan, he really hates chewing, so him voluntarily eating anything that doesn't dissolve easily is a big deal.  I think having Vivian eating more is having a good influence on him- she likes to beg for food like a puppy and she was gnawing on a piece of apple when Ethan asked for one.  And he loves to sit in the chair next to her high chair and eat Cheerios along with her while she snacks.  Hopefully she'll continue to be a good influence! 

They're dropping like flies!

I am not entirely sure what to think about this blog lately- every time I log on, I'm down another follower on Google friends! :)  Seriously, thanks to those of you who do still read and comment. I know my life isn't terribly interesting lately. Hopefully I'll find some worthy topics to write about soon.

Have a great Tuesday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all political on you here

First off, I would just like to say that I am one of the most utterly unpolitical people ever. I'm one of those people who hears a debate and listens to one side thinking "that's a great point, I agree", then listens to the other side and thinks the same thing. I'm so terrible at politics that I let my much more politically savvy but not an American citizen husband weigh in on how I vote.

So this is not a politically motivated post. I wish our president the best and have hopes for our country. I pray for whatever person is in charge, whether I voted for that person or not. The United States deserves good leaders and I know they have really hard jobs.

That all being said- President Obama made me very, very sad this week when he filled out his census form. Click here for the story. To summarize though, the president filled out his census form and only checked one box for his race, African-American. He had the option to check multiple boxes, and since he is 1/2 Caucasian and 1/2 African, I would have thought he would do so. But he didn't.

To some degree, I understand. He's married to an African-American woman and looks African and has kids who are African-American. But he is not just that. He is 1/2 Caucasian and was raised by that side of his family. It's part of who he is.

I know I worry a lot about keeping my kids in touch with their Asian side of the family and those customs, but I also worry about them being able to embrace their identities as what they are- multi-cultural kids in a new society.  I want them to be proud Canadian-American-Chinese-German/Irish/English kids. They are the product of a lot of different backgrounds and families.

I understand that our country waited for a long time for a black president and I am proud of us for finally electing him. I wish him all the very best. I just wished he'd checked both boxes and embraced all of who he is, and I'm sad today for myself and my kids that he didn't.

Happy Easter!

Happy Resurrection Sunday, everyone! I hope you all are having a great day!  We had a nice time at church this morning- it was fun to see people a little more dressed up than usual (my church is very casual most of the time) and we had a nice program from the children and a good sermon from our pastor. Then we came home and after lunch both Daniel and I started to doze off while the kids were playing, so when Vivian went down for a nap, we did too! Even Ethan fell asleep. So now I'm just trying to get the cobwebs out of my brain and am deciding whether or not I have the energy to deal with the crowd at the grocery store to pick up just a few items. And by "a few items", I mean Easter candy, since there is none in our house.  The Easter Bunny is a big slacker this year.

Anyway- I really didn't come online to ramble, but to post some pictures. It's so tough to get a cute picture of both kids, but I got some good ones of them separately.
Someone did not want to be in photos this morning

But she eventually decided to smile a bit

Ethan hamming it up for the camera

Friday, April 2, 2010

More sand in my shoes

The sand is figurative, so don't be thinking that I've run off and am partying in some tropical location. I wish. Unfortunately the sand that I refer to is of the "hanging out in my shoes and making me insane while I climb the mountain of life" variety.

As you all know, Ethan's got all these feeding, or should I say, not feeding issues.  Currently he's been prescribed 3 ultra-high-calorie drinks per day.  That forms about 95% of his nutrition. I generally can get him to eat a few other things in the course of the day, like a small bowl of soup or yogurt or some such thing.  Yesterday he actually asked for food and ate more than one solid and I practically danced around the house with glee.

Then I got all super-confident with my crazy feeding skills and decided to give Vivian a few teeny-tiny bites of real solid food. She's been doing great on the purees and soups, but she's 10 months old now, and it's past time that she eats something more.  So I gave her some incredibly little pieces of cut-up blueberries and some pieces of banana and one other mushy food.  She ate one bite of something and started gagging on the microscopic food in her mouth.  And then she threw it all up.

This is exactly how Ethan's feeding issues started and exactly where we were at when he was this age. I actually started crying right there, because I don't know how I'm going to handle going through all this mysteriousness and fighting about food with another one.  Spending the entire day following Ethan around with his nutritional drink and trying every method imaginable to get him to at least consider food is wearing me out. 

And Ethan's started vomiting again, which is why I'm up at midnight, blogging as I wait for the laundry to get dry enough so that he can have his special blanket and stuffed animals and go back to sleep.  That's what I get for actually succeeding in getting him to drink his drinks today- I get to see them all again in the middle of the night.

Sorry for whining about this all the time. I'm just so very very tired and wish someone would have some answers for us.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

In which I realize that I probably should get a life

I posted some of these pictures yesterday and then had some issues with the review of this costume, and then took them down and now am putting them up again! Apologies if you already saw them in your Google reader. 

The non-Easter Bunny pictures are from today- can you believe Vivian is 10 months old already!  She's into absolutely everything- pulling herself up on everything and pushing up onto her toes when she's crawling. I think walking is not far off at all. She and Ethan are still spending most of their time fighting over whatever is the toy of the moment, but they like to give each other hugs and kisses too, so it's awfully cute. 

Oh, and Vivian got tooth #4 today, decided that she is too grown up for the bottle (she now will only drink out of a sippy cup, which she'd never even used before today), she doesn't want to sit in her high chair (she's taken over Ethan's booster seat), and acts like we're torturing her if we try to put her in the exersaucer. Being 10 months old apparently equals being a big kid in her mind!