Friday, March 12, 2010

Weight Watchers and heavy cream

I think that the members of my family spend about 90% of their time thinking about food.  In my case, it's what foods to avoid and how many points I've spent on food and how many I have left and how am I going to get through the evening with only 100 calories left! Of course I'm also consumed with trying to remember how many bottles Vivian has had and how many solid food meals she's had. And thinking about what to cook for dinner that will be healthy for me and not cause my skinny husband to lose any weight...

Oh, and then there's Ethan.  We had an appointment yesterday with the occupational therapist. The good news is that we're all on the same page. Thinking that the problem is a combination of 1) Ethan being ultra-sensitive to anything in his mouth and gagging easily, 2) Ethan having developed a phobia of food, thanks to his frequent gagging and vomiting (including vomiting a bunch of goldfish crackers into my hands at the Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party at the Pacific Science Center yesterday! Thanks, Ethan!), and 3) Ethan being 2 1/2 and in the throes of the contrary, saying no to everything stage.

She did give us some hints- we're going to continue pushing the nutritional supplement drinks, since he's actually been losing weight  lately. And we are supposed to distract him during meals as much as possible- toys, TV, whatever. Anything to take his mind off the fact that something is in his mouth. We're also trying to slowly re-introduce real food. Very slowly. Like set a piece of sandwich in front of him and ask him to touch it one day and smell it the next and maybe taste it a few days later.  This is going to involve lots of patience on my part and Daniel's part- so that is about training us as much as anything else!  And the OT is going to try to find a feeding support group for Ethan, so he can get used to being around other kids while they're eating and see that it's not a bad thing.

In my weight news, I've lost about 8 pounds so far, which I'm happy with, given that I haven't been exercising and haven't been sticking to the diet particularly closely on a number of weekend trips.  That's the important thing for me at this stage- to lose weight in a way that I can maintain later. Really altering my lifestyle on a permanent basis.  I did make myself a promise to figure out a way to fit more exercise into my life once I hit a certain weight, and I'm almost there, so I'm going to have to work on that soon :)

I hope you all have a great weekend. We are going to try to work on our taxes. That should be all sorts of fun!