Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on the kids

I have been such a terrible "mom" blogger lately- it's all about me lately- not about the kids!

Vivian had her 9 month appointment yesterday and she's incredibly healthy and well.  Her eczema is almost non-existent now, thanks mostly to the wonderous Aveeno lotion that I've been using on her. It's practically miraculous.  She's dropped off a bit in the percentage for weight- at 16 pounds 7.5 ounces now, which puts her in the 10th percentile. But she grew a lot in length- she's up to 26 3/4 inches, in the 50th percentile! Go, Vivian!

Ethan has suddenly become super-affectionate, which we're loving.  He's never been a clingy or huggy kid, but now he wants to give us hugs and kisses all the time.  He mostly loves to hug and kiss Vivian- he thinks she's the best little person to hang out with ever!

Here's a picture from today when I told Ethan he could go talk to Vivian, since she wasn't napping.
How cute are they?

Vivian's Canadian citizenship card showed up today. This is what she has to show for the rest of her life to prove she's a Canadian citizen! 

Overall, the kids are doing great and growing and getting into everything. Daniel and I are utterly exhausted- having two kids this close in age is a lot of work. A lot of joy too though- we're not complaining! Just wishing for a little more rest... :)


Mommyto3andahusky said...

Ha! I love her little passport with her poofy hair! :) Too cute!! Check out my blog, I got a makeover, let me know what you think! :) Erin

Anonymous said...

thank u........................................