Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was talking to a friend at church on Sunday. She has a new baby and a toddler, and her kids are at about the same age span as mine. And since her kids are little, she's still in the "am I ever going to leave the house again" stage. I assured her that it gets easier. Then I should have shut up, but continued talking and said "and then it gets harder again."

My kids fight EVERY WAKING MOMENT. If I turn my back for a second, someone pushes someone or steals a toy from someone or does something bad to someone else. And, as I mentioned the other day, sometimes Vivian just starts yelling as soon as Ethan is in the same room as her and I have no idea who to yell at.

Today Ethan kicked Vivian in the face. With his shoes on. And laughed. I wanted to cry.  And that was at 11 AM, which meant there were hours to go, and this was by no means their first bad interaction of the day.  He did end up taking a nap, and Vivian did not, so she did have some time on her own, and she just sat and played with her toys and smiled because no one was tackling her or stealing her toys for an extended period of time.

I am utterly exhausted.  The kids haven't been sleeping well (thanks, teething), so we've been up all night, then dealing with this all day.  I am holding on tight to the hope of the kids playing quietly together at some point in the future, leaving me time to actually do all the multitudes of things on my to-do list. Which practically expands before my eyes these days.

Please, someone, tell me it gets easier. And if it's going to get hard again after that, please DON'T tell me. I'm reaching the end of my energy and patience. I need some hope.


Mommyto3andahusky said...

It does get easier, I promise! :) Kids just go through crazy spurts! Hang in there!

Karen said...

In some ways it gets easier and in other ways it just changes into something else. The older they get the easier it will be to handle because at least they can communicate with some sort of logic. LOL.