Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More thoughts on motherhood- and on my struggle for balance

Last night was hands down the worst night we've had in our home since Vivian's first weeks of life. Ethan came down with a cold on Sunday morning, and since he's in the sharing everything with his baby sister stage, and she's in the put everything in her mouth stage, her catching the cold was kind of inevitable.

We've been very fortunate to date- Vivian's only had one day of a mild cold until now. Even teething, she's pretty easy to deal with and low-key.  She rarely cries or even fusses.  So we were due for something.  And hats off to those of you with cranky, colicy kids. Can't imagine how you do it.

Last night Vivian slept in 15 minute sessions. In our bed. So pretty much every time Daniel and I would drift off, we were immediately woken up by a screaming baby. And she wasn't even acting sick last night, so we were kind of confused- kept giving her teething medication and tummy drops and things like that, since she didn't seem to have the cold, but was just so very off.

When morning finally rolled around she started sneezing and coughing and definitely now has a full-fledged cold. So I was prepared to spend the day wiping her nose and Ethan's and not doing much else.

Of course, I did make the mistake of checking my work email. And found one of  my projects waiting. We get these projects randomly from a large company we work for. I'm one of the few people at my company who can do these assessments- I look at the chemicals that the pregnant woman is exposed to and make recommendations to the medical director at the company as to which chemicals she probably should not work with during her pregnancy.  It's a fast turnaround project everytime, and it's something I really love doing.  There are a few other people who can do the projects if I'm not available, but thanks to our national conference last week, they're all out of the office.

Here's the thing- I have 5 days to get this project done and reviewed by my boss. It doesn't have to be done right this second. But I'm such a "get it done immediately" person that I usually do drop everything and plow through it right away. I can't stand having things on my to-do list.

So this is a learning experience for me. Reminding myself that work comes second, that I can and will still get it done on time, maybe not as fast as usual, but on time. And that my kids are at the top of my list of priorities. Way at the top. And that my job title right now is Mom, and that's the most important job title that I could possibly have.  It's still making me a little nuts to not be able to get right to my work, but that's okay.

Vivian's napping now, which is why I'm blogging and not holding her or working :) In case you were wondering. But now Ethan's done with his "coloring" (read drawing on the table and throwing the crayons on the floor), so I need to wrap-up and close.

Hope you're all staying well. Keep those icky cold germs far away from your homes!

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Mommyto3andahusky said...

Hope the kids get better soon! :) Get some rest and take care of yourself too! :)