Friday, March 26, 2010

I need to come up with a plan...

I need a plan to actually keep money in our bank accounts. It's practically falling out lately.  One expense after another.  We knew it was going to be tough living on one income- and thanks to Daniel's company cutting salaries as well as me not working, we're down to 50% of the income that we were living on a few years ago. With about 120% of the expense. Pretty common problem, I realize, and thankfully we're already very very frugal, and have savings to cover emergencies.

But still. I hate spending money on anything. We shop clearance for everything, are huge bargain shoppers and keep our expenses to what we consider a minimum. I'm sure there are other things we could do, but overall I think we do a pretty good job.

My main problem is in remembering that sometimes relationships matter more than expenses. Today I just bought a bridesmaid's dress and am getting ready to buy a plane ticket to the wedding as well.  The dress cost over twice as much as my wedding dress. Because I bought my wedding dress on ebay :) That's how cheap we are. To add insult to the cost today, I had to order a plus size which cost $20 more. Even though I'm losing weight, we can't count on me losing more before the wedding (in 3 months), and I have to have a dress that fits. Still, I'm going to be annoyed if (when?) I have to pay to have the fabric that I paid extra for cut out of the dress.

This is good for me though, I need to have this perspective on money fixed- to remember that being there for my friend and a part of her big day is worth spending money. Saving money and being cheap is good, but it has to be within reason. This expense is not going to keep me from feeding my family or paying our bills, in any way. And we've been planning for this and budgeting for it and it fits in our budget now. It's still really hard for me to spend large chunks of money, but I know it's something that I don't currently have quite right in my brain and I need to reprioritize.

That all being said, I'm going to go try to figure out a way to stop our bank account leak. Duct tape fixes everything. Right? :)

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