Monday, March 8, 2010

Another trip to Children's Hospital done

Visiting Children's Hospital is always a humbling and emotional experience- and I always leave being thankful for my child's relative good health and praying for strength for the parents there who are going through every parent's nightmare.

As you all know, Ethan doesn't eat and therefore doesn't gain weight or grow.  He used to have a lot of problems with gagging and vomiting, but now he just hates food. Yes, he's not possibly my child! About a month ago we had a visit to the GI department at Children's and today was our follow-up appointment.  Ethan also had an upper GI x-ray as well. The x-ray showed that nothing is anatomically wrong. So we were happy about that, but when we went to the GI appointment, we found out that after a month of supplementing with high-calorie drinks... Ethan lost weight.

So, every test that's been run is showing nothing wrong. He just doesn't eat. We're all thinking that he may have had a problem when he was young that led him to not want to eat- and then last year he had a terrible stomach flu from which he never quite recovered. So it's a matter of getting him to have better associations with food. And continuing the high calorie supplements. That was the best news today- since Ethan's needing the supplements for a diagnosed medical problem, we might be able to get insurance or other financial help paying for them, which would be great, because these things are expensive. 

Other than that, we're plugging along here. Things have been challenging financially- we ended up with a mind-numbingly expensive repair at our rental property. And a vacancy too. We're really praying to be able to sell that place soon, it's turning into a bit of a money pit!

But the kids are so ridiculously cute lately, which makes things so much better. Ethan is talking up a storm and makes me laugh constantly.  He's still micromanaging my every move-it's pretty funny to have a 2 1/2 year old trying to direct my every move. It took me days to convince him that it was okay for me to wear a sweater instead of a coat when we went out in nice weather. I really am loving these days- I'm exhausted, but it's so worth it.

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Andrea said...

I'm sure I may have already asked this, and I'm sure they have already checked for it, but have the doctors checked Ethan for Celiac Disease?

I have a friend (isn't that how everyone thinks they are an expert? they have a friend..ha ha) whose daughter was just diagnosed at 20 months. She weighs 16.5 lbs and is in the 1st percentile. They were even doing occupational therapy to teach her daughter to eat because she REFUSED to eat anything but formula (which was prescription Nutramigen) Since being diagnosed, getting Ella to eat is still an issue, but with the new gluten free diet, she has gained a pound. Before she was diagnosed, they were talking about giving her a feeding tube. Other then her small stature, and not wanting to eat, she was an active healthy baby. She walked early, talked early...etc.

I wonder if something like this could be Ethan's trouble? Even though Celiac doesn't make a child not want to eat (it causes them to not be able to absorb nutrients)It did for whatever reason cause my friend's daughter to HATE food.