Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update from today's appointment

So, today's appointment at Children's went well. They take such good care of us there every time we visit.  I'm always glad to not be visiting for anything more serious, but I'm glad that such a nice hospital exists for those who need it.

The doctor we saw today thought that Ethan's stool test results were probably just a fluke, since he doesn't show any other symptoms of the problem that the results would indicate. We are going to do another test, but just a one time sample. I about hugged her when she said no multiple day testing!

Other than that, we're adding Pediasure to his diet (which I asked his doctor about months ago), and trying him on heartburn medication for a while, in case that's the cause of him not wanting to eat. I wouldn't be surprised if that is part of it, given some of the things that he's had trouble with in the past.

And he's going to go in next month and have an upper GI x-ray to rule out any structural problems. And a visit to the nutritionist thrown in for good measure.

We feel really good about today's appointment. The doctor was nice and listened well and had good suggestions.

In my world, I'm hungry.  It's hard to be around all of Ethan's high calorie foods when I'm dieting! Mommy wants a cookie!

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