Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday stuff.

1. So far the diet is going pretty well. I've done this Weight Watchers thing successfully before, so that helps. I have a pretty good perspective on how fast I can lose weight and know not to get discouraged on the weeks that the scale doesn't move. And I can calculate points pretty much at the drop of a hat!

This Sunday I was down about 4 1/2 pounds, which I was happy with, especially given that we had eaten out several times and I'm still eating pretty much normal food for dinner.

2. Now I have some extra motivation for the diet- one of my dear friends from grad school asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer. So I'll be off to Winnipeg to take part in that event in July. And I refuse to be the fat bridesmaid in the pictures! More than that, being dressed up in July is going to be warm, so I need to not be fat, since that makes it all worse!

3. So, tonight is girl's night out. I can count on two hands the number of times I've been out with the girls since having my kids, so I'm both excited and nervous.  I need to start brainstorming some conversation ideas!

4. Vivian's eczema just keeps getting worse. I feel so bad for her- she keeps scratching her little tummy and looking at me with such a sad look. We've pretty much tried every lotion in the stores now- things will work well for a while, then they stop.  I need to go back to the most expensive of the lotions, as that seemed to work best. Of course. Kids are expensive!

5. I got some news today that I can't blog about. Not great news. I hate not being able to blog about things, since this is how I process what's going through my brain. I'm a little discouraged, but I know God has things under control, and I need to focus on that, rather than my lack of control.

Okay, time to shut off the computer and go be a good mom! Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

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Andrea said...

RE: Vivian- Megan has such sensitive skin. The only thing that works is to use Aveno baby soap, and to only bathe her every other day, and lotion several times a day. If it's really bad, I put her in the bathe every other day but only wash her hair and diaper area trying to avoid the itchy areas with soap. I don't use any of the fancy scented ones, just the sensitive skin/fragrance free stuff. The other thing I do is put Lansinoh nipple cream on her cheeks before she went to sleep...ha ha! It works!