Friday, February 19, 2010

This week was a good week

This week was a good week. Unlike the week before, which I'd really just like to block out of my mind entirely. We had all the Olympics activities on the weekend, and then Daniel was home on Monday. Wednesday I got to go to IKEA with one of my best friends and buy a storage shelf unit which totally fixed my kitchen space issues and just might keep me sane for the next year or so until we can sell this place and move.

Today I kept the car again, since we had our church Home Fellowship group tonight and I needed to pick up Daniel on the way there. I decided to maximize my time of mobility and made plans with Liz to meet up at the zoo. To those of you elsewhere in the country or world, I apologize, but it was 60 degrees here and sunny today, so we had a great time.  Lucy and Ethan flirted and held hands and Vivian was a wonder baby (as usual) as we walked and looked at the animals.  It was so good to be out and spending time with a good friend and catching up on the things that had gone on in our lives that we hadn't blogged about.

Then we had a nice time tonight at our Home Fellowship group and were able to be honest about the joys of life right now and the challenges as well, and I was also blessed by the opportunity to see a different side of my husband than I usually see, as he ended up leading the Bible study for tonight. I tend to be the dominant personality in our marriage, so when I'm reminded of his gifts and strengths, it's always a good thing. God gave me a good man.

Next week it's supposed to start raining again, but I have plans for a couple of the days already, so I think I'll be okay. We also decided that Daniel's going to start taking the bus to work at least one day per week. Even though it means he has to leave 2 hours early for work, it also gives him time to read and just sit and think, which he doesn't get a lot of. And I'm going to be brave and get over my horrible fear of talking to strangers and try out a MOPS group in a couple of weeks. I have high hopes for that!

In other news, I found out today about two more pregnancies in my circle of friends. Apparently just knowing me makes people very fertile :)

To close- a ridiculously cute picture of Ethan and Lucy at the zoo today.

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