Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So apparently my kid is "that kid"

Sorry if you ended up reading the post that I wrote yesterday about not going out.  I tend to get down and be all depressing when my blood sugar drops, and that's happening alot lately, since I'm dieting. But whatever.

I did go out last night and had a nice chat with my friends, catching up on what's going on in their lives.  It ended up only being the three of us, so I felt a little more comfortable being honest about going through a challenging time right now.  They can't fix it, but they can pray for me, and I know that will be a big help.

But at one point, we did end up talking about our toddler class at church. There are an average of 15-16 kids in there every week, from 18 months old to about 3 years old. It's total insanity.  But apparently there is one child who is consistently poorly behaved... mine. My friends were telling me about his refusal to help clean up, and his refusal to participate in the storytime or singing.  I was helping with the class last week, so those did not come as a surprise to me.

Apparently he's even worse than that sometimes though. Last month most of the kids in the class were building a tower together when Ethan came rolling up on one of the ride-on toys and knocked it all over. My friend said that all the other little kids just stared at him, and he rolled off on his toy to destroy something else.

I'm not sure what to do about this. Back when he was in daycare he behaved well, but he's apparently forgotten all that in the 9 months he's been home with me. He doesn't really interact with other kids much, so I'm not surprised that he lacks appropriate behavior. When we're home alone, I'm very strict about cleaning up and throwing/destroying things, but if he's around people who aren't as strict (as is right and good in a church class situation- I don't expect other people to discipline my child like I do), then he just is out of control.

I know that he needs some sort of socialization, but it was a complete disaster this past fall when I tried to enroll him in a class at the community center, and he's too young and we're too poor for him to go to preschool. Hopefully he'll start catching on to some better behaviors soon! I don't want him to be totally friendless because he can't behave nicely to other kids.

In other news, Vivian is mobile and after the cable cords. I'd forgotten just how fast those little ones can move! I can't take my eyes off of her for a second. The cats just sit on top of high tables and bookshelves and look terrified :)

2 comments: said...

It will be okay. My Ethan was "that kid" for awhile and now he is not. They just go through phases. Talk to me on FB anytime you want to chat! :)

Andrea said...

hmmm. Could it have to do with him acting out over Vivian when he's not around her. Emma was having a hard time biting Megan and being just plain rude to her cousins a few months back. I pulled her out of preschool since we're about to move out of state, but who knows how she'd act now. I feel bad I spend half the day yelling at her or putting her in time outs...I have no advice for ya...ha ha