Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday recap

Yesterday's recap about sheer joy aside, last night pretty much was awful. Vivian is teething like crazy and decided to wake up every hour to cry and demand medication or food. Seriously, we are too old for a teething baby. We both totally sleep-walked through today.  Despite that, we ended up loading up the car with our kids and stroller and drove an hour north of Seattle to a train show that was being held at one of the local fairgrounds. I was kind of glad to see that Vivian looked as bored as I was- and that we both hid it fairly well, while the boys oohed and ahhed over the trains driving round and round in circles.

Then Daniel decided that Ethan, owner of more small toys than any one child should own, needed another Thomas the Tank Engine toy, so one of those came home with us.  I later informed him that Vivian was going to get a free pass on shoe shopping in the future :)

Today was nice- we had the chance to see lots of trains and have fun, and to get out and enjoy the 60 degree weather (with sunshine! Sorry East Coast people...).  But, honestly, it wasn't a terribly good use of time for Vivian and I, so I think we might be getting to the point where our family can't spend every moment of the weekend together. Daniel is my best friend, and there's no one I'd rather be with than him, but there are times when he and Ethan are going to want to get to go and do boy things without Mommy and Vivian looking bored in the background. And I'm sure Vivian and I could find a nice store that would welcome us on the days that our boys abandon us :)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good photo of 3 family members at once during a train show?

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