Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Okay, so all my posts are going to be totally random from now on. Just expect that.

More randomness. I think the problem is that I don't really have the spare time to have well-thought-out thoughts. Everything is kind of disjointed and muddled.  The sad thing is that this is also now how I talk in real life. You can practically see people's brain cells exploding as they try to keep up.

1.  Ethan is almost 2 1/2. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  I kind of knew that he was that old, but it hadn't really hit me until I was making the ticker that's over on my sidebar. And I put in his age, and it made a countdown to the third birthday ticker for me. And I thought, no, that's not right, he's only 2.  (Don't laugh. I have a masters degree in science. Not math.) And then, I realized that yes, he is coming up on his third birthday and then I was so overwhelmed. He's my baby!

2.  In happy happy happy news, Ethan has decided to start napping again. Sigh of joy.  He had given up naps for about 3 months. We still got a random one here or there, but 95% of the days, no naps. This meant that he was SO unbearable by evening and I was always rushing to get him in bed and get away from the whining and temper tantrums, and Daniel was stalling on bedtime, because he had usually only been home from work for about 5 minutes by then, so we were arguing, and it was all bad. So I decided that Ethan could now only use his paci when lying down (the old rule was only in bed, and he would sit there and play for hours).  And it worked.  And he's been napping again for a week and happiness has come to the house.

Now I have got to get the kids on the same nap schedule, or we are never going to leave this house again. Currently, Vivian sleeps until 8:30, then naps from 10-noon or 11-1 (unless Ethan/the cats wake her). And then we have lunches to get through and things like that. Usually we escape after that briefly, but Ethan naps from 2-4 and Vivian again at 4:30, so it's been difficult to plan anything around naptime, since there is no time when someone isn't napping or eating.

3. Speaking of eating, we have Ethan's appointment at Children's Hospital tomorrow. He's not been eating much of anything lately, and he's totally randomly vomited a couple of times lately, without any other symptoms of illness. I'm hoping for some answers. Without lots of complicated tests or having to collect more poop. Really keeping my fingers crossed about that last one.

4. Oh, and the other thing I'm a little nervous about is actually leaving the house and socializing next Tuesday night for a girls' night out with church friends. Since we got home from Virginia, I've been to church once and to that marriage seminar, as well as a few walks in the area, and a couple of solo trips to the grocery store and library. I've pretty much seen no one and talked to no one other than Daniel and of course, you lovely blog readers. I'm a little worried that I have totally forgotten how to make social conversation, especially about something other than feeding kids or diapers.

That's all my randomness for now. I promise :)


Lizzie said...

One of my single, kidless friends is coming over Thurs evening, and I'm already repeating to myself "Don't talk about potty training. Don't talk about potty training."

Andrea said...

I hope everything goes smoothly with Ethan. It's so frustrating know something is up with your kid and wanting a quick fix. I have a friend with a 1 1/2 year old that wouldn't eat. They actually go to feeding therapy a few times a week to teach her to feed herself and to teach my friend how to cope with a kid who refuses to eat. maybe it's something easy like...a gluten allergy