Monday, February 15, 2010

My trip to the Olympics

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I cannot believe that I actually went to the Olympics yesterday! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life- such a feeling of being part of a world event! And what a great one for us to be at- my Chinese-Canadian husband and myself, taking our kids to see US play China at the Olympics in Canada! You could not ask for a better set-up.

The day started out a little stressful when we realized that the place where we planned to park our car wasn't going to work out. So I ended up hanging out at the Skytrain station (making the security guard really nervous with my loitering) for about 20 minutes while Daniel moved our car to a friend's house and ran back to the station. Then we took the train and bus across the city and got to the venue. It was a gorgeous day- 55 degrees, blue sky and sunny- a perfect day to be walking around! Security was thorough but quick- taking a stroller actually worked in our favor as we ended up being sent to a special line for screening.

Then, before we knew it, we were in the arena! I had a moment or two of freaking out when I realized our seats were at the top of the bleachers- I am not scared of heights, but I do have some balance problems and stairs without railings scare me, especially when I'm holding the baby. But I made it to our seats and we settled in, then took lots of pictures and then the game started!

The game was great- heavily in favor of the US, but Team China played hard and put up a valiant effort. It was a fun game to be at- there were lots of fans there for both teams, but there were even more people there wearing Canada jerseys and just cheering for whomever. Even the USA fans cheered when China made good plays. It was just a fun, supportive atmosphere. Loved it!

We left after the second period, since the kids were losing it, but it was still a great experience. At the end, we were completely worn out by the day, but it was incredible, and a story that I look forward to telling the kids when they're older!

Pictures below.

Getting ready to go. Vivian is all decked out in USA gear- Ethan is dressed in his Canada jersey, since we didn't have any USA stuff for him :)

Outside the venue. The person taking the picture cut off Ethan. Whoops!

The kids and I at the game

Our family at the Olympics!


Team USA and Team China

Team USA huddle

Vice-president Biden (and his wife, with her back to the camera), as well as Mitt Romney and (I think) one of the guys from the 1980 USA Men's Hockey (Miracle on Ice) team

The kids on the bus ride home. Being cute!

Lindsay, this is for you! I thought of you often as we watched this game. Wish you could have been there to explain all the details to me ;) Thanks so much for your tips on who to watch!


Mother of Style said...

FUN! What a great experience for you and you family to have :) Your kids look adorable. said...

Wow, that is great! It looks like you had a fun time! The picture of the kids is so cute!

Isabel said...

Sounds super awesome! And makes me even more jealous!