Monday, February 8, 2010

My favorite Valentine's Day memories

I love my Valentine's Days that I've spent with my husband- he is a sweet and romantic man, and we always enjoy spending time together. This year we will be spending Valentine's Day (also Chinese New Year Day!) in a totally unromantic, but fun place- at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!  I'll have lots to write about, so stay tuned next week for all the details!!

But, honestly, my favorite Valentine's Days were those that occurred while I was in grad school, long before Daniel even came into the picture. I had two fun Valentine's Days spent with my good friends- all of us were single, but we were more or less okay with it. We had a couple of great years in which we got together and ate good food, drank nice wine and told side-splittingly funny stories about dates gone wrong.

I wouldn't trade my married life for anything, but I still look fondly back at those Valentine's Days spent with my friends- it was a really fun time.

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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Ahhhh...lucky you! You are going to the Olympics! I bet you will have a blast. Hopefully you will take tons of pics. so that we can take a peek! I too miss the days of being care free while having an awesome time with friends...those were the days!
Many Blessings,

Michelle said...

Have a great time in Vancouver.. Remember us here in the states by taking loads of pictures...

Annette Kerr said...

Hi! I'm just stopping by on the blog hop, but will definitely be back here to check out your pictures of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver! (Lucky you!!)

Katie A. said...

The olympics! So much fun!