Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moments of sheer joy

I have a pretty nice life, full of lots of fun times and happiness. But even so, moments of sheer joy are special- things that don't come along very often.  So I feel very blessed to have had one of those moments yesterday.

Last night, Daniel and I were both utterly exhausted by 10 PM, so we turned off the TV and got ready to head to sleep.  Which was apparently some sort of cue for the kids- Vivian immediately started crying in her pack n play, so Daniel went in to get her. I went to check on Ethan, and found that he was still awake. So I brought Ethan in to our room.

Ethan started telling us a long story about the pictures on the wall- full of many details that we couldn't understand. Vivian apparently did understand the story, because she kept giggling. And she kept trying to hold Ethan's hand and pull his hair. Ethan was so patient with her, just smiling and not getting upset at her at all.  Daniel was lying next to the kids, watching them with such love in his eyes.  Even though it was late and we were tired, we were all together and just enjoying some quiet time of hugs and snuggles and family laughter. 

It was such a simple moment in time, but so unspeakably wonderful. I looked over at the three people that I love most in the world- all of us smiling and laughing and just being happy to be together. I thought about getting up to get my camera, but then realized that no picture would ever capture the joy. And I know it's always going to be an image in my mind that I cherish. Truly a blessing. 


Andrea said...

Those moments make it all worth it.

Lindsay said...

Lovely post. Brought a tear to my eye. And it reminds me how you were talking about not buying a coffee maker for $200 (even though you snagged it for $11 later). This illustrates to me the benefit of living within one's means. So that when beautiful moments like the one you described occur, I can actually be present enough to notice and enjoy them, and not be stressed about financial things.

Mommyto3andahusky said...

awww, those are the moments! :)

Dee said...

I LOVE all those little moments!