Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love my kids

My kids are the cutest kids ever. I'm sure you disagree with me because, rightly so, you believe your kids are the cutest ever. But I know the truth :)

Ethan never ceases to amaze me- it's so fun to see him growing up every day and turning into such a real little person.  He's started making jokes lately, which is funny to watch. Our cat likes to sit on the changing table, and when Ethan sees her sitting up there, he'll say "Jenny, diaper! HAHAHAHAHA!"  His amusement at this makes me laugh.

He also has started exhibiting opinions on what he wants to wear. I had no idea that boy children ever did this! He dragged me to his room the other day, pulled his current shirt halfway off, and demanded his choo-choo shirt. I'm going to have to make him change out of it eventually so that I can wash it, but we'll figure that out later.

And Vivian just continues to be adorable and chubby and smiley. She literally bounces with excitement at mealtimes. It's really hard to feed a baby who is bouncing up and down- trying to hit a moving target!  I'm glad she's a good eater though, so I'll just keep working on my feeding skills.

We started trying to get her to sleep in the crib in Ethan's room, but so far that's not working much better than having her sleep in the pack n play in our room. Somehow we always end up with her in our bed by about 2 AM. Sometimes I have no memory of how she got there- I'm pretty sure she's finding her way in on her own. Truthfully though, I miss snuggling with her when she's not there, so I don't mind. Daniel would like to have more than 6 inches of bedspace for himself, but he's managing :)

The sun is shining again today (loving this winter in Seattle!), so the kids and I need to find something to do outside. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Lizzie said...

Ethan is hilarious! And those little muffins ARE the cutest ever! And really, Daniel is so skinny he doesn't need much more than 6 inches of bed, does he? :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Yep, they are pretty darn stinkin' cute! :) That is so funny about Jenny!