Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And I wonder why my husband suddenly has to work late a lot...

As I mentioned last week, Vivian's not such a fan of nursing anymore, so I'm in the process of weaning her. So far it's been going pretty well- she still nurses in the middle of the night, and I pump a couple of times a day, but she's liking her formula and taking that well in her bottles.

But weaning is doing some weird things to my body.  The main thing is- I'm having horrible hot flashes. I keep waking up in the middle of the night sweating, or I'll be hanging out in the living room just typing on the computer and suddenly feel like someone has turned the thermostat WAY up.

In addition to the weaning, I have a lovely case of PMS.  Oh, and I started dieting yesterday for real, so that means no more evening glass of wine.  :)  And I wonder why Daniel looks scared when he gets home in the evening. I'm just a giant ball of crazy hormones and sugar deprivation!

The kids are actually playing nicely together at the moment. Unusual and lovely.  Ethan did steal all of Vivian's toys out of the basket and went a few feet away with them, out of her arms' reach (and she still can't quite crawl), but he left her with the basket, so she's happy.  Which is good, because we're in quarantine today- Ethan threw up last night, so I had to cancel plans to get together with a friend today.  Kids seem to have a sense about when you have plans that you're looking forward to something and immediately get ill, don't they?  We'll probably venture out to the store later though. I need to stock up on sugar free jello and popcorn soon, or I'm going to go completely insane from hunger.

In other news, the sun is shining nicely today. Love it! Sunshine makes everything better, doesn't it! Oh, and I'm giving away the most darling apron on the review blog- just until next Monday, so go enter! And I posted a giveaway for a plush sleep sack too-that one is here.

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