Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy wedding anniversary to me and my beloved husband!

I am a truly blessed woman- I am married to a man who is loving, kid, and above everything else, incredibly patient! I'm a slightly crazy, high-maintenance, high-energy person, so I need all the balance and perspective that he brings to my life.

On a nice February day 4 years ago, Daniel and I stood before my dad (a pastor) and took our wedding vows to love, cherish and encourage each other. I think he's done a much better job of keep those than I have, but I'm trying!

Since that day, Daniel's changed jobs twice, we've moved twice, and we had two kids. It's been a busy four years! But I wouldn't trade a minute of my life with him for anything. I am truly blessed.

Every year on our anniversary weekend we return to the place where we got married. Here are the pictures, starting with our wedding day in 2006.

Friday, February 19, 2010

This week was a good week

This week was a good week. Unlike the week before, which I'd really just like to block out of my mind entirely. We had all the Olympics activities on the weekend, and then Daniel was home on Monday. Wednesday I got to go to IKEA with one of my best friends and buy a storage shelf unit which totally fixed my kitchen space issues and just might keep me sane for the next year or so until we can sell this place and move.

Today I kept the car again, since we had our church Home Fellowship group tonight and I needed to pick up Daniel on the way there. I decided to maximize my time of mobility and made plans with Liz to meet up at the zoo. To those of you elsewhere in the country or world, I apologize, but it was 60 degrees here and sunny today, so we had a great time.  Lucy and Ethan flirted and held hands and Vivian was a wonder baby (as usual) as we walked and looked at the animals.  It was so good to be out and spending time with a good friend and catching up on the things that had gone on in our lives that we hadn't blogged about.

Then we had a nice time tonight at our Home Fellowship group and were able to be honest about the joys of life right now and the challenges as well, and I was also blessed by the opportunity to see a different side of my husband than I usually see, as he ended up leading the Bible study for tonight. I tend to be the dominant personality in our marriage, so when I'm reminded of his gifts and strengths, it's always a good thing. God gave me a good man.

Next week it's supposed to start raining again, but I have plans for a couple of the days already, so I think I'll be okay. We also decided that Daniel's going to start taking the bus to work at least one day per week. Even though it means he has to leave 2 hours early for work, it also gives him time to read and just sit and think, which he doesn't get a lot of. And I'm going to be brave and get over my horrible fear of talking to strangers and try out a MOPS group in a couple of weeks. I have high hopes for that!

In other news, I found out today about two more pregnancies in my circle of friends. Apparently just knowing me makes people very fertile :)

To close- a ridiculously cute picture of Ethan and Lucy at the zoo today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I must remember

I received the unbelievably good news this week that not one, but two of my dear friends who have been struggling with infertility for some time are pregnant! I am so excited that I want to shout it from the rooftops, but since it's early days still for both, I have to just blog about it without sharing any of their details. I told one friend today that I think I might be more excited about her pregnancy than I was about my own- it's much more fun to be on the watching and buying presents side of things rather than the hormones and weight gain and aching back part :)  I didn't share that last part with her. She doesn't need to be thinking about that yet.

It's been really interesting talking to these friends- in both cases the women are super highly educated and knowledgeable about science and the mechanics of pregnancy, but in both cases that knowledge has been useless as they are going through the daily "is this normal" and "what does this mean" unknown.

I told both friends that I would be happy to answer any questions that they might have from my perspective, but that I would not offer unsolicited advice. But I'm still having to really restrain myself, especially in the areas that have some similarity to my own experience.  I have to remember that what worked for my family for a work/daycare balance might not be the right answer for others. I have to remember that my childbirth options are probably not the same ones that are best for my friends. That even though I decided not to give up my one diet soda per day doesn't mean that it's the right decision for my friends.

This is a hard thing for moms, I think. We spend so much time and energy researching and thinking and deciding about every single little detail of everything, when someone else makes a different decision it gives us (or at least me) a momentary twinge of wondering if we chose wrong. But, I need to remember that that's not the case at all.  I'm a good mom and made good decisions for my family and my life, but my friends need to make those same decisions for themselves, and it's okay if they chose a path that I didn't want to walk down.  That doesn't make one of us a better mom than the other, it just makes us different.

That being said, they better like the baby clothes that I buy for their kids. Because my taste in baby clothes is always right :)

Now I just wish my husband would hurry up and get online so that I could tell him the most recent good news!

Monday, February 15, 2010

My trip to the Olympics

I also posted this over at the review blog :)

I cannot believe that I actually went to the Olympics yesterday! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life- such a feeling of being part of a world event! And what a great one for us to be at- my Chinese-Canadian husband and myself, taking our kids to see US play China at the Olympics in Canada! You could not ask for a better set-up.

The day started out a little stressful when we realized that the place where we planned to park our car wasn't going to work out. So I ended up hanging out at the Skytrain station (making the security guard really nervous with my loitering) for about 20 minutes while Daniel moved our car to a friend's house and ran back to the station. Then we took the train and bus across the city and got to the venue. It was a gorgeous day- 55 degrees, blue sky and sunny- a perfect day to be walking around! Security was thorough but quick- taking a stroller actually worked in our favor as we ended up being sent to a special line for screening.

Then, before we knew it, we were in the arena! I had a moment or two of freaking out when I realized our seats were at the top of the bleachers- I am not scared of heights, but I do have some balance problems and stairs without railings scare me, especially when I'm holding the baby. But I made it to our seats and we settled in, then took lots of pictures and then the game started!

The game was great- heavily in favor of the US, but Team China played hard and put up a valiant effort. It was a fun game to be at- there were lots of fans there for both teams, but there were even more people there wearing Canada jerseys and just cheering for whomever. Even the USA fans cheered when China made good plays. It was just a fun, supportive atmosphere. Loved it!

We left after the second period, since the kids were losing it, but it was still a great experience. At the end, we were completely worn out by the day, but it was incredible, and a story that I look forward to telling the kids when they're older!

Pictures below.

Getting ready to go. Vivian is all decked out in USA gear- Ethan is dressed in his Canada jersey, since we didn't have any USA stuff for him :)

Outside the venue. The person taking the picture cut off Ethan. Whoops!

The kids and I at the game

Our family at the Olympics!


Team USA and Team China

Team USA huddle

Vice-president Biden (and his wife, with her back to the camera), as well as Mitt Romney and (I think) one of the guys from the 1980 USA Men's Hockey (Miracle on Ice) team

The kids on the bus ride home. Being cute!

Lindsay, this is for you! I thought of you often as we watched this game. Wish you could have been there to explain all the details to me ;) Thanks so much for your tips on who to watch!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm going to the OLYMPICS!!!!!!

AHHHHH- do you have any idea how excited I am!

This weekend is also Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, so we're cramming a lot of celebrating into one weekend.

We've been in the process of planning this trip up to the Olympics for well over a year now- we actually applied for our tickets in October of 2008- hard to believe I was just a few weeks pregnant with Vivian back then! And we applied for tickets by just chosing an event and a time, and we ended up with tickets to see Team USA play Team China in women's hockey.

Now that it's almost here I'm getting super emotional about the idea of being able to cheer on my country in the Olympics. Too cool! Since my husband is Chinese, it's extra perfect :)  I've spent the day finding red, white and blue clothing for the kids and I to wear on Sunday. Vivian has Team USA Baby Legs, so she's all set. 

I'll be blogging about my experience for the local paper, but will also write about it and post pictures here and on the review blog. 

Go Team USA!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

February in Seattle

To those of you buried under snow- I apologize for this content. But spring is here in Seattle! The kids and I just came back from the store, and on our walk we saw trees blooming and daffodils and crocuses (crocuses? croci?)  It's really pretty.

Some of you emailed me about my blog being offline for a few days. I'm trying to figure out what exactly to do with this blog. I feel like it's turned into a giant whiny mess. But the truth is, I'm having a really bad time right now. Not sure if it's the return of the rain or my hormone fluctuations thanks to weaning Vivian or the utter lack of time to myself and little sleep or what. But I'm kind of a mess. I feel most sorry for Daniel in all of this- he comes home to me crying most days. Last night I just broke down and kept saying "but how can you like me when *I* dont like me." It's hard for me to believe that he can love this messy, fat, boring version of me, when the me he married less than 4 years ago had a career and made money and had a social life and was 30 pounds thinner. My brain knows that he does still love me and he shows it, but I just can't grasp that. 

And that right there is an example of the crap that I feel like I always subject you all to here on the blog and I don't like that. So I'm going to take a few days off and restrict my whining to purely offline methods. I'll be back on Monday to blog about our Olympic experiences and Chinese New Year in Vancouver. I can't believe the Olympics are finally almost here!

Anyway, Vivian's about to get the cable cord again (I forgot how much work it is when they get mobile!), so I better go intervene in that.  

Oh and look who's 2 1/2! My little boy is growing up!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So apparently my kid is "that kid"

Sorry if you ended up reading the post that I wrote yesterday about not going out.  I tend to get down and be all depressing when my blood sugar drops, and that's happening alot lately, since I'm dieting. But whatever.

I did go out last night and had a nice chat with my friends, catching up on what's going on in their lives.  It ended up only being the three of us, so I felt a little more comfortable being honest about going through a challenging time right now.  They can't fix it, but they can pray for me, and I know that will be a big help.

But at one point, we did end up talking about our toddler class at church. There are an average of 15-16 kids in there every week, from 18 months old to about 3 years old. It's total insanity.  But apparently there is one child who is consistently poorly behaved... mine. My friends were telling me about his refusal to help clean up, and his refusal to participate in the storytime or singing.  I was helping with the class last week, so those did not come as a surprise to me.

Apparently he's even worse than that sometimes though. Last month most of the kids in the class were building a tower together when Ethan came rolling up on one of the ride-on toys and knocked it all over. My friend said that all the other little kids just stared at him, and he rolled off on his toy to destroy something else.

I'm not sure what to do about this. Back when he was in daycare he behaved well, but he's apparently forgotten all that in the 9 months he's been home with me. He doesn't really interact with other kids much, so I'm not surprised that he lacks appropriate behavior. When we're home alone, I'm very strict about cleaning up and throwing/destroying things, but if he's around people who aren't as strict (as is right and good in a church class situation- I don't expect other people to discipline my child like I do), then he just is out of control.

I know that he needs some sort of socialization, but it was a complete disaster this past fall when I tried to enroll him in a class at the community center, and he's too young and we're too poor for him to go to preschool. Hopefully he'll start catching on to some better behaviors soon! I don't want him to be totally friendless because he can't behave nicely to other kids.

In other news, Vivian is mobile and after the cable cords. I'd forgotten just how fast those little ones can move! I can't take my eyes off of her for a second. The cats just sit on top of high tables and bookshelves and look terrified :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday stuff.

1. So far the diet is going pretty well. I've done this Weight Watchers thing successfully before, so that helps. I have a pretty good perspective on how fast I can lose weight and know not to get discouraged on the weeks that the scale doesn't move. And I can calculate points pretty much at the drop of a hat!

This Sunday I was down about 4 1/2 pounds, which I was happy with, especially given that we had eaten out several times and I'm still eating pretty much normal food for dinner.

2. Now I have some extra motivation for the diet- one of my dear friends from grad school asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding this summer. So I'll be off to Winnipeg to take part in that event in July. And I refuse to be the fat bridesmaid in the pictures! More than that, being dressed up in July is going to be warm, so I need to not be fat, since that makes it all worse!

3. So, tonight is girl's night out. I can count on two hands the number of times I've been out with the girls since having my kids, so I'm both excited and nervous.  I need to start brainstorming some conversation ideas!

4. Vivian's eczema just keeps getting worse. I feel so bad for her- she keeps scratching her little tummy and looking at me with such a sad look. We've pretty much tried every lotion in the stores now- things will work well for a while, then they stop.  I need to go back to the most expensive of the lotions, as that seemed to work best. Of course. Kids are expensive!

5. I got some news today that I can't blog about. Not great news. I hate not being able to blog about things, since this is how I process what's going through my brain. I'm a little discouraged, but I know God has things under control, and I need to focus on that, rather than my lack of control.

Okay, time to shut off the computer and go be a good mom! Have a good Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My favorite Valentine's Day memories

I love my Valentine's Days that I've spent with my husband- he is a sweet and romantic man, and we always enjoy spending time together. This year we will be spending Valentine's Day (also Chinese New Year Day!) in a totally unromantic, but fun place- at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!  I'll have lots to write about, so stay tuned next week for all the details!!

But, honestly, my favorite Valentine's Days were those that occurred while I was in grad school, long before Daniel even came into the picture. I had two fun Valentine's Days spent with my good friends- all of us were single, but we were more or less okay with it. We had a couple of great years in which we got together and ate good food, drank nice wine and told side-splittingly funny stories about dates gone wrong.

I wouldn't trade my married life for anything, but I still look fondly back at those Valentine's Days spent with my friends- it was a really fun time.

Visit the Blog Hop for lots of other great Valentine's Day stories. And one random participant of this Blog Hop will win $100!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I watch my daughter sleeping

(An old post that I found in my editor, unpublished)

My 5-month-old daughter will only fall asleep if she is 1) nursing, 2) snuggled up close to me, or 3) sometimes (but not always) given a bottle full of more milk than her tiny tummy should be able to hold.

So I have a lot of time to stare at her. My daughter. It's still weird to write those words- even 5 months after she is born and 10 months after we found out that our baby was a girl.  I'm still waiting for the whole idea of me being a mom to stop being weird in general. How the heck did I end up to be almost 33 years old and responsible for multiple small people? Seriously?

So right now Vivian is in her usual early night/late morning spot in our bed- right in the middle. She tends to end up there from 10 PM-1 AM and then 6 AM onwards, since she has an utter meltdown if she wakes up and finds herself anywhere else. And I was reading a book and watching her sleep next to her daddy. And I was so overwhelmed by it all. Not only have I been blessed with an amazing husband who is my best friend and the love of my life, I have two wonderful (albeit COMPLETELY exhausting little kids).  Ethan is my clone, so it doesn't hit me as much when I look at him, but then there are nights like tonight when Vivian and Daniel are sleeping. And I look at my daughter curled up next to me and see the reflection in her face of my beloved husband who is sleeping another 6 inches away. Same skin, same eyes. She has my mouth, but other than that, she is her daddy's girl.

And I'm reminded of all the unanswered prayers and closed doors that led me here. I didn't meet Daniel until I was 27, and didn't marry him until I was a month shy of 29. I had all but given up on finding that true love. I had no idea that he was still out there and that he was only 70 miles away.  I really hope that I never stop thanking God for the blessing that he and the kids are in my life. I am so SO blessed.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday recap

Yesterday's recap about sheer joy aside, last night pretty much was awful. Vivian is teething like crazy and decided to wake up every hour to cry and demand medication or food. Seriously, we are too old for a teething baby. We both totally sleep-walked through today.  Despite that, we ended up loading up the car with our kids and stroller and drove an hour north of Seattle to a train show that was being held at one of the local fairgrounds. I was kind of glad to see that Vivian looked as bored as I was- and that we both hid it fairly well, while the boys oohed and ahhed over the trains driving round and round in circles.

Then Daniel decided that Ethan, owner of more small toys than any one child should own, needed another Thomas the Tank Engine toy, so one of those came home with us.  I later informed him that Vivian was going to get a free pass on shoe shopping in the future :)

Today was nice- we had the chance to see lots of trains and have fun, and to get out and enjoy the 60 degree weather (with sunshine! Sorry East Coast people...).  But, honestly, it wasn't a terribly good use of time for Vivian and I, so I think we might be getting to the point where our family can't spend every moment of the weekend together. Daniel is my best friend, and there's no one I'd rather be with than him, but there are times when he and Ethan are going to want to get to go and do boy things without Mommy and Vivian looking bored in the background. And I'm sure Vivian and I could find a nice store that would welcome us on the days that our boys abandon us :)

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good photo of 3 family members at once during a train show?

Moments of sheer joy

I have a pretty nice life, full of lots of fun times and happiness. But even so, moments of sheer joy are special- things that don't come along very often.  So I feel very blessed to have had one of those moments yesterday.

Last night, Daniel and I were both utterly exhausted by 10 PM, so we turned off the TV and got ready to head to sleep.  Which was apparently some sort of cue for the kids- Vivian immediately started crying in her pack n play, so Daniel went in to get her. I went to check on Ethan, and found that he was still awake. So I brought Ethan in to our room.

Ethan started telling us a long story about the pictures on the wall- full of many details that we couldn't understand. Vivian apparently did understand the story, because she kept giggling. And she kept trying to hold Ethan's hand and pull his hair. Ethan was so patient with her, just smiling and not getting upset at her at all.  Daniel was lying next to the kids, watching them with such love in his eyes.  Even though it was late and we were tired, we were all together and just enjoying some quiet time of hugs and snuggles and family laughter. 

It was such a simple moment in time, but so unspeakably wonderful. I looked over at the three people that I love most in the world- all of us smiling and laughing and just being happy to be together. I thought about getting up to get my camera, but then realized that no picture would ever capture the joy. And I know it's always going to be an image in my mind that I cherish. Truly a blessing. 

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love my kids

My kids are the cutest kids ever. I'm sure you disagree with me because, rightly so, you believe your kids are the cutest ever. But I know the truth :)

Ethan never ceases to amaze me- it's so fun to see him growing up every day and turning into such a real little person.  He's started making jokes lately, which is funny to watch. Our cat likes to sit on the changing table, and when Ethan sees her sitting up there, he'll say "Jenny, diaper! HAHAHAHAHA!"  His amusement at this makes me laugh.

He also has started exhibiting opinions on what he wants to wear. I had no idea that boy children ever did this! He dragged me to his room the other day, pulled his current shirt halfway off, and demanded his choo-choo shirt. I'm going to have to make him change out of it eventually so that I can wash it, but we'll figure that out later.

And Vivian just continues to be adorable and chubby and smiley. She literally bounces with excitement at mealtimes. It's really hard to feed a baby who is bouncing up and down- trying to hit a moving target!  I'm glad she's a good eater though, so I'll just keep working on my feeding skills.

We started trying to get her to sleep in the crib in Ethan's room, but so far that's not working much better than having her sleep in the pack n play in our room. Somehow we always end up with her in our bed by about 2 AM. Sometimes I have no memory of how she got there- I'm pretty sure she's finding her way in on her own. Truthfully though, I miss snuggling with her when she's not there, so I don't mind. Daniel would like to have more than 6 inches of bedspace for himself, but he's managing :)

The sun is shining again today (loving this winter in Seattle!), so the kids and I need to find something to do outside. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update from today's appointment

So, today's appointment at Children's went well. They take such good care of us there every time we visit.  I'm always glad to not be visiting for anything more serious, but I'm glad that such a nice hospital exists for those who need it.

The doctor we saw today thought that Ethan's stool test results were probably just a fluke, since he doesn't show any other symptoms of the problem that the results would indicate. We are going to do another test, but just a one time sample. I about hugged her when she said no multiple day testing!

Other than that, we're adding Pediasure to his diet (which I asked his doctor about months ago), and trying him on heartburn medication for a while, in case that's the cause of him not wanting to eat. I wouldn't be surprised if that is part of it, given some of the things that he's had trouble with in the past.

And he's going to go in next month and have an upper GI x-ray to rule out any structural problems. And a visit to the nutritionist thrown in for good measure.

We feel really good about today's appointment. The doctor was nice and listened well and had good suggestions.

In my world, I'm hungry.  It's hard to be around all of Ethan's high calorie foods when I'm dieting! Mommy wants a cookie!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Okay, so all my posts are going to be totally random from now on. Just expect that.

More randomness. I think the problem is that I don't really have the spare time to have well-thought-out thoughts. Everything is kind of disjointed and muddled.  The sad thing is that this is also now how I talk in real life. You can practically see people's brain cells exploding as they try to keep up.

1.  Ethan is almost 2 1/2. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  I kind of knew that he was that old, but it hadn't really hit me until I was making the ticker that's over on my sidebar. And I put in his age, and it made a countdown to the third birthday ticker for me. And I thought, no, that's not right, he's only 2.  (Don't laugh. I have a masters degree in science. Not math.) And then, I realized that yes, he is coming up on his third birthday and then I was so overwhelmed. He's my baby!

2.  In happy happy happy news, Ethan has decided to start napping again. Sigh of joy.  He had given up naps for about 3 months. We still got a random one here or there, but 95% of the days, no naps. This meant that he was SO unbearable by evening and I was always rushing to get him in bed and get away from the whining and temper tantrums, and Daniel was stalling on bedtime, because he had usually only been home from work for about 5 minutes by then, so we were arguing, and it was all bad. So I decided that Ethan could now only use his paci when lying down (the old rule was only in bed, and he would sit there and play for hours).  And it worked.  And he's been napping again for a week and happiness has come to the house.

Now I have got to get the kids on the same nap schedule, or we are never going to leave this house again. Currently, Vivian sleeps until 8:30, then naps from 10-noon or 11-1 (unless Ethan/the cats wake her). And then we have lunches to get through and things like that. Usually we escape after that briefly, but Ethan naps from 2-4 and Vivian again at 4:30, so it's been difficult to plan anything around naptime, since there is no time when someone isn't napping or eating.

3. Speaking of eating, we have Ethan's appointment at Children's Hospital tomorrow. He's not been eating much of anything lately, and he's totally randomly vomited a couple of times lately, without any other symptoms of illness. I'm hoping for some answers. Without lots of complicated tests or having to collect more poop. Really keeping my fingers crossed about that last one.

4. Oh, and the other thing I'm a little nervous about is actually leaving the house and socializing next Tuesday night for a girls' night out with church friends. Since we got home from Virginia, I've been to church once and to that marriage seminar, as well as a few walks in the area, and a couple of solo trips to the grocery store and library. I've pretty much seen no one and talked to no one other than Daniel and of course, you lovely blog readers. I'm a little worried that I have totally forgotten how to make social conversation, especially about something other than feeding kids or diapers.

That's all my randomness for now. I promise :)

And I wonder why my husband suddenly has to work late a lot...

As I mentioned last week, Vivian's not such a fan of nursing anymore, so I'm in the process of weaning her. So far it's been going pretty well- she still nurses in the middle of the night, and I pump a couple of times a day, but she's liking her formula and taking that well in her bottles.

But weaning is doing some weird things to my body.  The main thing is- I'm having horrible hot flashes. I keep waking up in the middle of the night sweating, or I'll be hanging out in the living room just typing on the computer and suddenly feel like someone has turned the thermostat WAY up.

In addition to the weaning, I have a lovely case of PMS.  Oh, and I started dieting yesterday for real, so that means no more evening glass of wine.  :)  And I wonder why Daniel looks scared when he gets home in the evening. I'm just a giant ball of crazy hormones and sugar deprivation!

The kids are actually playing nicely together at the moment. Unusual and lovely.  Ethan did steal all of Vivian's toys out of the basket and went a few feet away with them, out of her arms' reach (and she still can't quite crawl), but he left her with the basket, so she's happy.  Which is good, because we're in quarantine today- Ethan threw up last night, so I had to cancel plans to get together with a friend today.  Kids seem to have a sense about when you have plans that you're looking forward to something and immediately get ill, don't they?  We'll probably venture out to the store later though. I need to stock up on sugar free jello and popcorn soon, or I'm going to go completely insane from hunger.

In other news, the sun is shining nicely today. Love it! Sunshine makes everything better, doesn't it! Oh, and I'm giving away the most darling apron on the review blog- just until next Monday, so go enter! And I posted a giveaway for a plush sleep sack too-that one is here.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of interesting information in this post. Really! :)

1. First off, look who's 8 months old!

2.  Ethan woke up 2 hours early this morning, begging to watch a DVD. We are going to have to cut back on our electronic time, I think. He doesn't watch that much TV/DVDs, but it has been increasing lately, and I need to get it back under control again.

3. Speaking of getting things back under control, I signed up for Weight Watchers today. I've done it before (back about 5 years ago) and lost 30 pounds. Of course that was pre-kids, and when I was in my 20s, so hopefully I'll still be able to do it.  It's definitely time to do something though.  And no, I'm not going to post my weight here so that you can track my progress. I know some of you in real life and you do not need to know how much I weigh.  I'd love to get at least halfway to my goal by the end of May, since that's when we're having family pictures.  Other than that, the overall goal is to be back to my wedding weight, give or take 5 pounds by next February when we celebrate our 5th anniversary. I know that's a while off, but I figure that is a good goal since I need to focus on weight loss and maintenance, so a longer goal will hopefully give me some time to work on that.

4.  Oh, and this is the exciting part of the post. God is so good- even in the little things! You all know how much I've been whining about wanting a nicer coffeemaker, but since I had a perfectly functional one, I couldn't justify buying one when we're trying to watch our money. Then we went shopping last night and found a $200 coffeemaker on the clearance shelf- for $11 :)  There's some cosmetic damage to the side, but it works well and makes fabulous coffee! 

If you live nearby, come over and have coffee with me!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!