Friday, January 1, 2010

We are home, and are so grateful

As you all know, I whine all the time about being stuck at home 99% of the time with just the kids for company. That all being said, Ethan and I were both twitchig with excitement (him literally, me figuratively) when we got home today. Ethan and I actually raced down the hall from the elevator to our condo when we got back.  We were home for less than 36 hours in a little over a week... that's a lot for homebodies like us!

All of our trips have been good ones, but it is definitely hard to be away from home for that long with two little kids. 

The drive home was incredibly rainy and stressful for Daniel, who was driving. For the sake of our marriage (I'm a nervous passenger), I played games on my phone for most of the ride home. I think it was a wise decision, as every time I did look up, I gasped with horror at the lack of visibility.  Seriously, there have never been two Seattleites so glad to exit the freeway as us today.  

Now we're excited to have a weekend ahead of us. Big plans to catch up with review blogging tomorrow and to get lots of miscellaneous things done around the house.  

Hope you had a great New Year's Day today! Here are some pictures from us!

We arrived in Portland just in time for a freak snowstorm. This is Vivian's first snow!

Oh, and the kids have started interacting. It's not necessarily a good thing.

Our wild and exciting New Year's Eve

Vivian and I on New Year's Eve

God's New Year's gift to us. It disappeared about 30 seconds after I took this picture. We SO needed this.

And look who's 7 months old! She's changed so much just this week, I'll write about it tomorrow!

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A said...

I think V looks like her mommy in that picture - same smile!!! I love her smiley pics! ♥