Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on "that" fight

So today's update is that he tried really hard. And failed miserably in one of the cases and did well in the other.

Case 1: He called at 5 till 5 and told me he was wrapping up and would be leaving shortly. And that he would call me again when he actually did leave. The fail came in when he, once again, underestimated how much work he had left to do and didn't leave until 10 of 6.

Case 2: He just now called to say he was close by, even though he's still well within his 1 hour normal commute time period and will likely make it home within the hour.  Bonus points for calling when he didn't have to.

I think I might need to make him a flowchart of some sort to graphically display the situations when he should call and at what time he should call and things like that.  He's a computer guy, after all, I think they like things like that :)


Andrea said...

OMG get out of my head lady!!! William is a programmer too, and I can't tell you how often he "looses track of time" or doesn't hear his phone..etc. I recently told him how much I look forward to his help when he gets home and he's started to make an effort to come home on time. When I ask where he is in his commute he will tell me something that I only recently found out to be where he thinks he'll be at the end of our conversation...that explains why he is always 30 minutes later than he says he will be. It drives me mad!!!! ha ha

Erin said...

I think the flowchart idea might help. Especially if you try to do it tongue in cheek.

Mike and I have an agreement. He has to call me when he is coming home. If he doesn't call me or leave before 530, I am within my rights to feed the children (and myself) without him. Those are the rules. And now that I look at the time, he is late.