Friday, January 29, 2010

"That" fight

Daniel and I had "that" fight again last night. I think the exact details of the fight differ from couple to couple, but I also think every couple has at least one fight that they have over and over and over with no resolution.

Ours seems simple, but it's actually a source of much tension in our household.

Yesterday was a BAD day for me.  I already blogged about it yesterday, so I won't bore you with the details. But the summary is- I was in tears by 11 AM, just out of loneliness and frustration and tiredness.  And Daniel told me at 3 that he would be wrapping up and coming home early.  That didn't happen. But he did call again at 5:15 (fairly early) to tell me he was on his way home. I was pretty happy with that, and decided that I'd take a break and go to the library and grocery store for a few minutes before dinner/bedtime. I knew it would be tight, but I figured I could fit it in the 30 minutes of space in the evening schedule.

The clock kept ticking by. It usually takes Daniel a hour to drive the 13 miles home (still not used to that). 6:15 came and went. As did 6:20. And 6:30. And 6:40. At 6:47, he got home.  His excuse- he'd forgotten his cell phone at work and had to go back to get it.

I just walked away, and later we had the same fight. The one where I explain to him again that I understand that he sometimes has to work late or go back to get things, but if he does, he has to call again! The clock has to be reset! Otherwise dinner is ready 30 minutes too soon or the kids watch 30 minutes too much TV because I've told them they can watch a DVD during the last part of the hour before Daddy gets home. Or I'm just completely frazzled, because the only thing getting me through the last hour is the knowledge that it's going to end in one hour. Not in 90 minutes.

He just blankly stared at me.  He does NOT get it. I sense this fight will appear again in our near future.

Daniel is a wonderful husband. Practically a saint. He puts up with so much crap from me. But I so wish the man would develop a sense of time. And I really wish he'd grasp this concept of calling again if he doesn't actually leave when he says he will!

Good thing he's cute :)

It's Friday! Hurray!!!


Jo Shabo said...

oh my gosh- we have that one too... I just feel like it is a common courtesy, you know? Sometimes things happen but not ALL the time-- just come home when you say you will- sheesh!! (Well that's how I feel with my hubby anyway- LOL!)

Elizabeth said...

There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, that annoys me more than having schedule changed without my knowledge. I hear ya, sister.
And for heaven's sake, don't tell you're going to come home early and then not do it! I would rather be surprised by an early arrival home than be anticipating it and not get it. Yikes.