Saturday, January 9, 2010

Obsessively checking the 10-day weather forecast

I think I've mentioned my upcoming trip on this blog, but in case I haven't (or in case you missed it), Vivian and I will be flying back East next Saturday to visit my parents in Virginia.  I've been flying my entire life, and we flew several times with Ethan in the past few years, but I've never traveled alone with a baby, and I've not done it with an almost-crawler. Ethan was 3 months old on one trip and 15 months old on the other, so flying with a 7 month old is new to me.

I'm a little nervous about this trip. More than I realize, I think, since I have been dreaming about it almost every night for the last few weeks. That's how I know I'm nervous about things- when I dream about them. Or when I start sleepwalking (that's a topic for a whole different post though).  The main thing that I've been having bad dreams about is our incredibly short layover in Atlanta. I have an hour on our way out and 45 minutes on our way back to get Vivian and I from one part of the airport to the other. Fortunately I know the Atlanta airport fairly well and have an aisle seat, so we'll be up and running as soon as we can get out of our seat and grab the stroller at the gate.

That all being said, if you're a praying person, pray for us please, for the connection and for getting through security with all the baby stuff and for the weather to cooperate. That's where my obsessive weather checking has been coming in. We're now well within the 10-day forecast window. I realize that 10-day forecasts are pretty much a totally random guess, but I check anyway. I haven't done this since the weeks leading up to my wedding, so this is all kind of funny to me.

So, I have slightly less than a week now to get Vivian and I ready for a cross-country plane flight (that leaves at 6 AM! Fun, we get to leave for the airport at 3:30 AM!) and 5 days away from home, and to get my home ready for my in-laws to come stay while I'm gone (think LOTS of cleaning and organizing of closets and cupboards and everything else).

Fortunately, we have an unexpectedly sunny day here in Seattle, so I have lots of energy to be productive! Off to fold laundry!

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