Thursday, January 21, 2010

The look

I really thought that I would get asked "the question" at least once while I was traveling cross-country with Vivian, without her Chinese daddy along.  I was asked "is she Asian?" at one point in time, but that was as close to "the question' as I got.

But I did get a ton of "the look". It makes me laugh- so much so that I'm dying to make a shirt that reads "yes, she's my biological child."  I get it fairly often, but on this past trip it was so very obvious some times. Vivian and I would be walking through the airport or boarding the plane and people would see her and smile. Then they'd look up at me, and a look of confusion would cross the person's face. Then he/she would look back at Vivian and smile again.

On a (somewhat) related topic, after we got home yesterday and did a load of laundry and I showered and things like that, we went out for lunch.  And as we walked, we got two compliments on how cute/handsome Ethan was, but none on Vivian.  After a while, I realized that I had a hairbow for her in my pocket, and I put in it her hair. And (I am NOT exaggerating here), 10 seconds later someone said "oh, did you see that cute baby sitting over there?" I almost laughed out loud at the timing. So funny!

Okay, I think I've stalled long enough so that Vivian is asleep and will let me go to sleep as well :)  Have a great Friday, everyone!

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Karen said...

Personally, I think Asian babies are cutest babies, all that beautiful dark hair, their deep colored eyes, that gorgeous olive skin tone, the way that their whole face smiles when they smile. I am guilty of staring when I see an Asian baby regardless of who they're with, LOL. It's hard to take my eyes off them. They have the most gorgeous features.