Thursday, January 28, 2010

I have got to get out of this house

Other than Sunday night's trip to the marriage book tour and several walks to the grocery store, I have not left the house since last Wednesday, thanks to my ongoing germiness. This means that I'm pretty much sitting right at the door in the evenings, waiting for Daniel to bring me news of the outside world.  Unfortunately, Daniel spends all his time in meetings or solving some coding crisis, so he doesn't actually have any news of the outside world. Note to self- find new person to live vicariously through.

When I was at my parents' house, I was playing on the laptop while they entertained Vivian. Dad asked me what I would do without the internet, and without even having to think about it, I said that I would be locked away in a mental asylum by now. Or I would have run away and joined the circus. The internet keeps me sane.  Seriously, I don't really see anyone all week, and I have a massive phobia of talking on the phone, so my internet world is it. SO sad.

In other news, my forced captivity has given me lots of time to contemplate random things like this:
1) How many times per day exactly do I say "Ethan, you don't like it when she takes your toys, so don't steal hers!" or "No, you cannot watch another DVD." I should count sometime.
2) My annoying new level of materialism. I obsess about things that I truly do not need. It's annoying me. I have a lovely, well furnished home and plenty of clothes and get to test out lots of things for the review blog. I do not need to be shopping as a hobby!  Even if it is just for $5 items from Etsy.
3)  Speaking of Etsy, I'd love to promote more Etsy stores on the review blog, but am not sure how to go about that. I'd even be happy to write about stores that don't send anything to review. Anyone know of any worthy stores?
4) Potty-training- okay this one has Daniel and I both a little confused. Do little boys start out sitting on the potty for everything, or do they start out standing up?
5)  For my job, I do pregnancy risk assessment for a large chemical company, and I spend time looking at the  chemicals that people are exposed to. These tasks come in as people at the company get pregnant, and you would not believe how many come in during December, January and February. It's amazing how many people get pregnant then.
6) How exactly did I get through my life without being micromanaged by my toddler? Yesterday when we went out (to the grocery store!), I loaded the kids in the stroller. Ethan got very concerned because I was still barefoot, and started saying "Mommy shoes! Mommy shoes!" When I put on my shoes, he switched to "Mommy coat! Mommy coat!" Once Vivian starts talking, I may never need to make decisions for myself again.
7) Vivian is on day 4 of her nursing strike. She'll nurse at her 5 AM feed, but pretty much not other than that. Any tips?

Oh, and I'm giving away a nursing bra at the review blog-  so if you're pregnant/nursing, go enter!


Andrea said...

Yes little boys start sitting for everything on the potty (I have 9 year old twin nephews I helped potty train...oi)

Nursing strike. Megan had the same problem at 6 months. First she was too interested in her sister to want to face me to nurse. If that's the case try putting on a DVD for Ethan and taking her in a dark room. Megan also started getting breast milk through the bottle while I taught voice lessons around this time. She got to the point that she didn't want me during the day, only the bottle since she could look around with it. Thus pump pump pump. A MAJOR pain. And slowly my milk supply dwindled even with all of the pumping so I starting mixing in 10% breast milk with 90% soy (it's gentler and she WOULDN'T take milk based)formula and slowly weened her. It's expensive but only a few more months left for us on formula before she turns 1 and can have cow's milk.

Review my card business! ;-) I'll send you something for some event or holiday totally for can say it sucks and I'll work on it, or maybe you'll like them...ha ha

I hear ya on the stuck indoors thing. This week has been especially hard for me for some reason. I think cuz we are fighting about money a lot recently and begging for our house to sell...:-/

Amy Webb said...

I totally know what you mean about the internet keeping you sane. I'm trying to not let my little guy (7 months) watch TV so the internet is my link to the outside world, like you said. That and NPR! Am I a nerd or what.
Evan hasn't gone on a nursing strike (yet) but he is getting to the point where he's pretty distracted much of the time. He gets 1-2 bottles of formula a day now and of course some baby food so I figure he'll nurse when he's hungry enough.
Can't help you much on the potty training but here's an article I read the other day that I saved for future reference :)
I've heard other people that swear by this method too.