Friday, January 22, 2010

Growing up so fast

I was away from Ethan this past week, for the longest period of time that I've ever been away from him. Up until now, I've only been away for 24-hour periods of time, even when I was in the hospital having Vivian.  So it was kind of interesting to come home on Wednesday and see him through slightly less worn out eyes.

Ethan's going to be 2 1/2 in just a few weeks. Someone, please explain to me how that happened already! He was my teeny tiny little baby just a minute ago, I'm pretty sure.

I think watching my kids grow up is one of the most miraculous things. Even more so than watching them grow inside me during pregnancy.  Ethan's gone from a little lump of a baby to an actual, real person. I'm still so shocked by that.  He's now a person who can communicate with me (granted, he's usually just asking for a DVD or a cookie, but still!).  He has opinions and feelings and ideas.  He can make jokes and can play with his toys and use his imagination.

He's such a sweet little boy too. Ethan learned to say "I love you" a few weeks ago, and now he says it on the phone whenever we're talking to one of the sets of grandparents.  He loves his sister and is always making sure that people see her when we're out for a walk. He'll get someone's attention by repeatedly saying "HI!" in a very loud voice, then he'll turn to Vivian, pat her on the head, look back at the person and say "Baby!". He's such a proud big brother.

I'm so blessed to have these kids in my life. I still wake up most mornings and am surprised by the fact that I'm a mom, but it's a good surprise.  A few weeks ago Daniel said to Ethan: "Go ask your mother", and hearing that in the other room I was taken aback by the fact that I am the mother! Too weird. :)

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