Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A funny story that I forgot to tell you all!

There are moments in life that just beg to be blogged. A couple of days ago I was on my daily trip to our neighborhood QFC, when I overheard a conversation between two clerks as they stocked produce. The main person talking was a 20-something woman.  As I walked up (with my double stroller), I could hear her LOUDLY sharing her opinions with her coworker. They went like this:

"Oh my goodness, can you believe people raise kids in these apartments around here? Like, I mean, they're so small and so expensive. And there's nowhere for the kids to play? Where do they go, out to the balcony where they can fall off?  I would never do that if I was a mom, it's just wrong to have kids if you don't have a yard for them to play in."

I was cracking up as I walked right between them (still with the double stroller) to pick up some celery. The great thing was that my presence WITH the small kids in tow didn't stop her at all. She continued on with her childrearing in the city opinions, no matter who was nearby.  And it apparently never even remotely occurred to her that people walking around the grocery store located in the city with their kids in tow likely were the very people that she was ranting about :)  Ah, the childrearing wisdom of a single, childless 20-something...


Jo Shabo said...

it is SOOO true... she has no idea... until she has her own! LOL

Andrea said...

ya know, my mother-in-law was horrified when Emma was 8 months old and we sold our first house to move into a highrise near my husband's job. "You can't raise a baby in an apt" she said. I remember being furious with her. "Then what does ALL of NYC do?" to which she replied, "Those kids grow up to be gangsters and drug dealers."

Now that we have another house, with 2 under 3, and a large yard in a city that is INFESTED with mosquitos, I go outside LESS than I did when we lived in the highrise. When I lived there parks were local, and activities for little kids were abundant. In the burbs? Not so much unless your kid is 6 years old and in soccer...but then again...oi the mosquitos!

Karen said...

Way too funny. I love the opinions of the childless, so good for a laugh.

Your poor, poor stunted children. Go buy a patch of grass already. LOL! Because selling a home/condo/whatever is SO easy to do in this economy even if you wanted to!