Thursday, January 21, 2010

Answers to questions on some recent comments

Someone asked about the Wii game that I referred to in a post- the Your Shape! game. Here's a link to my review of it on the review blog. It's not a game that comes with the Wii Fit (I don't have that), it's a totally stand alone game. And I really like it!

And someone else asked about my packing light with the baby.  I was able to pack light for this last trip because I was visiting my parents. They purchased a carseat a few years ago when Ethan was visiting, so I didn't have to take that. They also purchased a pack n play, so that's another thing that I don't have to take. And I usually have them buy a small package of diapers to have waiting for me, so that way I only have to take enough for the day of travel. Then when I get there I can buy more as needed. Same thing with baby food.  That's actually a suggestion that I would have- just take what you need, you can buy baby food and diapers pretty much anywhere you're going.

Other than that, I'm just a total minimalist. I tend to pick clothing for myself that matches the pair of shoes that I am planning to take.  For Vivian, I took a lot of mix and match outfits. And I am a hardcore "do I really need that" person. If I'm not 100% sure I'm going to take it, I don't.  I had plenty for this trip and didn't even end up needing to do laundry.  For toiletries, it's all about the sample sizes and other small things.  Vivian doesn't usually bathe in the big tub, but she did for this trip. When Ethan was 3 months old and we flew to see my parents, we just bathed him in the kitchen sink. No need for an inflatable bathtub!

I'd really suggest that, if you're going to be visiting grandparents frequently, you look into buying them a pack n play to leave at their home, and maybe even an inexpensive carseat if you have to fly to get to them. It makes a huge difference in the amount of stuff that has to be packed. Hope that helps- check out sites like Trekaroo for more travel with kids hints!

Back to the laundry... amazing how much laundry there is waiting when it doesn't get done for 5 days!

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