Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another referral to Children's Hospital

Ethan and Vivian went in for their H1N1 booster shots this morning, and Ethan had a weight check at the same time.  Unfortunately it wasn't good news, he's lost another pound.  He'd been down a half a pound at his weight check three weeks ago, but that itself wasn't too bad. However a weight loss of 1 1/2 pounds total is bad. We'd been trying something new these last 7 weeks- backing off on pushing the food at him, in the hopes that his refusal to eat was a power thing, and that he'd start feeling more hungry and initiating eating on his own. It did seem to be working a little, he's been asking for food more often, but he's still not eating much of it at a time, so that's not good.

And the lovely "collect the poop for 3 days" test showed a small elevation in one of the results, again, nothing terrible, but that plus the minor weight loss is earning us another referral to Children's. We've been there a number of times for small issues- hopefully this will be something else that's quickly resolved.

Visiting Children's Hospital is always such a humbling experience, as we walk past so many kids who are going through serious health issues. I'm amazed by the strength of their families and always spend the rest of the day hugging my kids and being glad for their health.  Speaking of families going through a lot, if you don't read the Riggs Family blog, located here, drop by and check it out. This family is going through a severe health problem with their little girl, Abby, and then last week their teenage son was in a car accident with his aunt and uncle that came awfully close to killing him. Yet through it all they display great faith and perspective and I'm always glad to read their posts. Check it out.

In much less depressing news, I've actually exercised twice this week! Once with a kettleball program and once with a new Wii game that I have. Reviews of both will be up late this month on the review blog, but I have to say, I think both things are going to be good for me this winter.  And thanks to my friend Liz for telling me to get in gear. Liz is getting ready to run a half marathon later this year- she's totally inspiring me to get off the computer and get moving!


Lizzie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about the weight loss. That's so stressful. Hopefully Children's will have an easyish solution for you guys. xoxo

A said...

So sorry you have to go to Children's!! But I hope the end result is weight gain for Ethan.