Monday, January 4, 2010

About Vivian at 7 months old

I'm actually going to write about my kids! On my "mom" blog! :)

Vivian is 7 months old now. Seriously, how on earth did that happen? She is growing up even faster than Ethan did. Probably because I'm crazy busy keeping up with Ethan all day and don't have time to do much else, so time is passing quickly. It's so weird to think that I had already been back at work for a month when Ethan was this age. I do not miss pumping in the office and dragging my pump back and forth. Not one bit.

We kept getting emails from the baby websites talking about babies starting to "talk". And it occurred to us that Vivian really doesn't babble. Mostly because she's too busy smiling all the time. Then last week she was actually in her own bed, and we woke up to the sounds of her chatting with her dolls. She's kept talking ever since- apparently she's had a lot that she's been waiting to say!

She also decided that sitting up was a fun thing to do after all. She learned to sit up over a month ago, but she never seemed inclined to do it, and would usually push herself down after just a little bit of time. Suddenly she decided that she liked the view of the world when she was upright, so is wanting to sit up, all the time.

And the kids have started interacting. A lot. And not in such a good way. Daniel and I keep saying that it's cute at this age, but we know that opinion wont last. Ethan is always pushing Vivian and she's trying to steal his pacifier out of his mouth. Whatever Vivian is playing with is the thing that Ethan suddenly needs desperately and vice versa. We're going to have our hands full with these two!

It's so fascinating to watch Vivian grow up. With Ethan it was all so much of a mystery and it was so hard to believe that our little lump of a baby would become an actual little person. Now that we've seen it recently and believe that it does happen- well it's exciting to see it happening again and to wonder about what sort of little girl Vivian is going to be.

The only sad thing about her growing up is that her hair is no longer able to defy gravity and has more or less gone flat. But I have hair clips and can make tiny ponytails, so the cuteness is not affected too much :)

I am so blessed with these kids. They're keeping me very busy, but it's a good busy. I can't imagine life without them.

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