Monday, December 21, 2009

A much needed pat on the back

I just got my performance review for the year. I've been at the company for a long time now, and I really enjoy my work and my coworkers.  I'm really blessed to have sort of fallen into a field where I am challenged and forced to think, and where my job strengths are well utilized.

That all being said, I have barely done anything this entire year.  I was on bed rest the first time in January and kept working from home, then the pregnancy got more and more complicated and I ended up going on leave a month earlier than expected. So, since the end of April, I've only worked a few hours per week, rarely more than 10 or 15, and lately more like 1 or 2.  Have I mentioned that I pretty much have a dream work situation? The long hours that I put in back when I was single and responsibility-less are paying off!

But my performance review was really good, and people are pleased with my work. This was especially wonderful to hear today, because in my real life as a mommy, I got to reopen the paint can of poop and put in Ethan's second deposit. Go here if you missed this story last week. The first one wasn't bad, but do you know what a can of poop smells like after it's been sitting around for 2 and a half days?  So glad I never had to do this test while I was pregnant with Vivian.

Anyway, the good performance review made up for the poop collecting and I'm a happy camper today. It's awfully nice to get a pat on the back sometimes.  :) I hope there's a good ego boost in all your futures too!

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Lizzie said...

Huh... Funny that poop wouldn't be rewarding in and of itself. I'm glad work appreciates you!