Thursday, December 3, 2009

I blame my mother

It's midnight. The kids are asleep (at the same time!), the husband is asleep, I am exhausted, and yet I am online, playing Hatchlings on Facebook. I blame my mother. She kept talking about it and sending me requests (okay, not that often, but I am a fairly easy sell), and I am now hooked.


Like I needed something else to distract me from doing the things I should be doing. Like sleeping and eating healthy meals and whatnot. It's sad how easy I can be drawn off course. I will not bring up the fact that I have failed MULTIPLE versions of the screening tests for "do you have adult ADHD". Seriously, if I was diagnosed with adult ADHD, that would be a surprise to how many of you? Exactly.

On another, completely unrelated note (see above paragraph about my adult ADHD), please come here and remove all the candy cane Hershey Kisses from the advent calendar before I do. Do you know how hard it it is to sleep at night, knowing that some of the little boxes have candy cane Hershey Kisses and mint chocolate Hershey's minatures?  Seriously. Possibly the cause of my ADHD.

And on a more serious note, did I mention that I'm taking Ethan for his umpteenth weight check tomorrow. I can hardly type that without crying. I've been tracking his calorie intake super closely for the past two days. Yesterday he ate 900 calories, with me physically forcing him to eat 2/3 of those. Today I let him wait until he was hungry and he never once asked for food. At 6 PM I broke down and made him eat dinner. He ate 400 calories of food today. I am so tired of this. I don't want him resenting me when he's a 4 foot tall 14 year old and getting beaten up in the hallways of his high school. Seriously, Ethan, we tried to get you to eat. We tried hard. To the point of tears from everyone at every meal. You HATE eating. And Mommy is old and tired. Here's hoping that the doctor will have some answers for us that don't involve going to visit the germfest that is Children's Hospital in the midst of the H1N1 outbreak. 


Karen said...

I understand your food struggles. We have them here too with the oldest. The difference is that he's hungry and will eat, but only very, very few things. It's been a struggle since he was a baby, lots of tears. It's so hard.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry you're having trouble getting Ethan to eat. I sometimes have trouble with Emma, but the doctor told me that most toddlers only eat one good meal a day and just want to graze a few bites here and there the rest of the day and that I shouldn't worry cuz she wouldn't starve herself. But if she didn't ask for food until 6 pm, I'd worry.

I'll be praying for you!

Ashley said...

Gosh, that is rough! Hang in there! It sounds like you're doing the best job you possibly can. I had similar frustrations with my first baby when she was 0-6 months old and just kept LOSING weight! It turned out I couldn't breastfeed her anymore, and she's been okay at eating since then. I know how hard it can be!