Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The first of several posts today

Thanks to the great sickness, this weekend was pretty much a total loss in terms of getting everything done. Then last night I was busy trying to look like a grown-up at the swanky Seattle restaurant (where I walked across the dining room with my slip showing at one point... you'll have to check back for THAT story).  So I'm massively behind on things like blogging and updating our financial spreadsheet and laundry and all that stuff.  Ethan got up early this morning, as did Vivian, and Vivian is at the doctor for her 6-month-well baby appointment right now with her daddy, so I am counting on an actual naptime this afternoon so that I can get things done.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Until then, here are some pictures of my kids being cute. Because I haven't subjected you to those for a while :)


Melissa said...

Only the pinky finger will fit easily now, but back in the day I'd be sporting ten delicious black tips to my fingers come a holiday dinner. So pleased to see other families carrying on the tradition!

Ashley said...

Vivian just is TOO cute for words! I know what you mean, it's practically impossible to get a cute picture of two young kids together. I'm constantly trying to do it, but it almost never happens! Annoying!