Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Well, at least it's not Tuesday

We just got back from another outing to the Science Center. I was hoping to run into some childhood friends of mine, who I randomly found out were in town last night through a status update on Facebook, but I didn't find them and I didn't comment on their page in time for us to make plans to meet up.  Oh well. We've gone 20 years without seeing each other, what's a few more. :)

I'm having a bad week here, for sure. I think it's probably about 75% hormonal and 20% related to me cutting down on sugar in my diet. Neither of those things tend to go over well with me. Which hopefully means that it's temporary. But with the rain returning (in a big way) tomorrow, I'm a little nervous about what direction my mood is going to go.

I'm just feeling down on myself.  Taking everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) super personally. I'm fairly sure Daniel has thought about having me institutionalized after some of the completely crazy Skype messages I've sent him this week.

And I'm feeling awfully lonely. Haven't really seen many friends in quite a while. Thank goodness for the one friend that does drop by fairly often. You have kept me sane. God bless you.  That's probably been the biggest change from 1 kid to 2- especially with the kids so close in age- it's just not possible to get out as often. The baby needs naps and Ethan needs his rest and those things don't often leave room for much else.

What I'm really kicking myself for this afternoon is my scaredy-catness when we were coming home. We opened the door to the condo and there was another mom waiting for our elevator, with her baby in the stroller, and I just said hi and rode up the elevator with her and didn't beg her to come hang out with me and be friends. In my defense, she did have her headphones on and was typing a text message on her phone, so it's not like she was engaging either, but still.  There are a few other moms somewhere in the building- I need to figure out a way to find them and make them be friends with me.  But I don't know exactly where they live and we only cross paths every so often, so it's not easy.  Oh, and I am terrified of talking to strangers. So it's not likely to happen soon.

** edited to add- My posts like this always inspire (rightly so) great suggestions for joining a mom's group. I have looked into this, but there is nothing within walking distance or on a direct bus line and I rarely have a car. So that's not been a feasible option for me. We're trying to change the whole car situation, but it's not worked out yet. We're praying that it will!


A said...

Lady, I'm so sorry you're lonely!! I think the descent into darkness that is Seattle in the late fall can be hard on everyone, and it must be especially hard when you are the only grown up person you get to talk to on a regular basis.

Someday when I don't work business hours we shall have to meet up. ♥

Jessica and Michael said...

Sorry you're having a rough time :( Hope things get better for you. Have you thought about looking up a moms group? It has helped me out so much to meet new people. I don't know anyone where I live. Check out It's an international moms club.