Monday, November 16, 2009


Today was a nice end to our three-day weekend. We ran errands in the morning and got our Operation Christmas Child shoebox dropped off. It was so much fun shopping for little things for the shoebox, and imagining how much fun the child who receives it will have when he opens his box to play with the things inside.  After that we headed over to the Burke Museum of Natural History and had fun walking around and looking at the exhibits there. Mostly it was just a weekend full of trying to get things done and enjoying time together. The getting things done thing didn't always happen as much as I would like, but it was fun to have Daniel home an extra day. Now we're counting the days until Thanksgiving next week. We're just staying close to home and probably having just us for dinner, but that means I don't have to worry about anyone disliking my cooking- and more leftovers for me!

On another front, we talked things over and decided that it is time to take a bit of a step of faith and for me to cut back my work status to strictly "on-call". This means I'll only be working when things get really busy at the office, and a bunch less money coming in, but we feel like it's where God is leading us right now.  I really love my job and was hoping to be able to work a regular but limited schedule, but the hours kept creeping up and the work kept carrying over, and I was finding myself spending my day just waiting and hoping for naptime so that I could get my work done. My kids are growing up so fast, I don't want to be wishing away their lives and missing time with them just so that I can make a few dollars on a project that isn't going to matter that much in the long run. 

It's really scary, but I know that, if this is really the path that God is leading us on, He will provide and will help us work out all the details and find the money to cover the shortfalls.  And, like everything else in our lives, it's not a permanent situation- and if life looks calm enough in the future for me to work more, I'm happy to do so and I think work will be happy to have me back. 

Anyway, that's the Monday recap from here.  Hope you all had a great Monday!

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Lizzie said...

So nice to have a random Monday together! And the cutting back on work will (hopefully) make the kids and therefore YOU happier...