Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The teething. And the darkness.

Remember how I kept saying that Vivian is the easiest baby ever? She outgrew that. Right now she is screaming her head off in the bedroom while Daniel tries to calm her down.  We've spent the entire night (and most of the last week) alternating between nursing/bottle/walking/screaming/sleeping/realizing we're too old for this.

Having two kids less than 21 months apart in age would not be so hard if it weren't for the teething. I truly believe that.  Ethan is a handful, but he is manageable except for when he is growing 2-year molars and is hurting. And Vivian has recently morphed from easy baby into "what am I doing awake and not being held"  baby. We are so tired.

I'm blogging and eating peanut butter with m&ms sprinkled in. Please disregard the message I posted a few days ago about dieting.  It's not going to happen right now. Right now us=survival, pure and simple. 

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Karen said...

You will get through this! I promise! And when you do get through it you'll have that much more patience and wisdom to start on the next phase. Hang in there!

In another year or so when Ethan and Vivian become each other's best friend and playmate it will get a lot better.